6 Sales Tactics You Really Ought To Be Using This Year

By Kevin Devoto | sales | October 21, 2021

Trying to find new sales leads can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. How do you find the right audience at the right time in an increasingly busy world? If you and your business are struggling to make new sales, here are six tactics to try out this fiscal year.

Existing Client Referrals

Existing customers can be some of your most powerful sales prospecting resources. Tap into your client base and see if they can help you turn up some new leads. Be sure to offer an incentive for their time and effort. For example, you could send emails out to your existing customer list with referral codes that offer a discount on their next order once the code is used by a new customer. You could also add a “referred by” line on new customer inquiry forms and reward those existing customers whose referrals resulted in new inquiries.

Returning Customer Bonuses

If you’ve been in business for a while, chances are that you’ve got a list of customers who have gone inactive. Consider reaching out to this group with an incentive to come back and place a new order. That could be a discount, a bonus gift, a promotional price in exchange for a contract, or whatever else fits with your business model. If you can’t offer a financial incentive, point out how your business can offer a better customer service experience than your competitors.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Focus on your local community and drum up new leads through a direct mail campaign. Email campaigns can go overlooked when inboxes are already full of spam and competitors. A direct mail campaign, on the other hand, stands a much better chance of reaching the eyeballs of potential customers. With the 2020 census results coming in, now is the time to really look at your potential customer base. Has your area’s demographics (age, race, income, etc.) changed recently? If so, you may need to adjust your marketing materials to better appeal to a changing population. 

Open Houses

Another way to reach your local community is by hosting an Open House. Let potential customers come and see your operations and learn more about them. Set up informational tables and demonstrations that allow guests to ask questions and get immediate answers. Host a raffle or giveaway to help gather contact information from guests (just be sure they know what they’re signing up for- nothing can kill a potential lead faster than a reputation for unwanted contact.) If your business type allows it, consider making it a family-friendly event with food trucks, music, or fun activities. People tend to remember information better when they’re having fun.

Networking Events

Depending on your business’s products, you may be looking for a more professional or industry-specific customer base. If that’s you, exploring networking events or trade shows may be a great option. These events let you connect with others in your field as well as with potential customers. The narrowed focus helps ensure that those you talk to are more likely to already be interested in your products. This saves you time and effort and makes each contact more impactful. Event season runs all year long, and be sure to check out both in-person and virtual offerings to maximize your reach while minimizing your travel budget.

Social Media

Leverage new sales opportunities through the power of social media. Digital marketing campaigns are helpful, but so is putting a relatable “face” on your company. Engage with your audience via conversations and posts, and take part in trends. A well-placed viral video can bring in hundreds of new customers, after all.

No matter what sales tactics you choose to use, make sure that you are being deliberate and genuine. Customers want to feel valued and like they’re getting the best quality for the price. Capitalize on your existing leads, reach out to the local community, or take to the internet to help find new leads. With any luck, you’ll soon be swimming in new sales.