Workplace-inspired tech solutions

By Guest Author | office | March 23, 2016

By Karl James

The gains afforded to the 21st century workplace by the digital revolution are omnipresent. By offering more flexible working arrangements and instant communication, the modern business is constantly in a race to keep up with the ever-changing tech trends.

But despite the internet offering all industries a chance to take part in the global marketplace, the tools by which the 21st century worker achieves their end goals are virtually endless. And so from smartphones that offer greater connectivity and instant access to online games, to the most advanced laptop technology, here’s a look at the best technology for the workplace in 2016.

Whilst the laptop has been the standard business tool for the modern commuter, there have been a few interesting additions to the productivity arsenal with a range of hybrid devices that seek to blend the firepower of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet.

Devices such as the Windows Surface feature the benefits of touchscreen technology that also include a handy magnetised pen tool to allow for speedy note-taking in a high-pressure business environment.

Whereas anybody involved in graphic design would undoubtedly benefit from the amazing iMacs that are now available with 27-inch Retina screens capable of rendering graphics in an incredible 5K display format.

However, many 21st century workers are increasingly seeking a more mobile solution to their workplace dilemmas. Much has been made of the Blackberry Priv being the business community’s best choice for a mobile thanks to the device’s adoption of the Android operating system and the continuance of its trademark keypad.

But with the incredible Samsung Galaxy S7 offering massive multi-tasking potential thanks to its amazing processing abilities, it’s become a powerful all-rounder. The device has already proved to be a big hit although it may be more engineered towards perhaps the younger person who commutes and enjoys the increasingly realistic and complex games now available online.

This is device is especially handy for graphics-heavy games such as Modern Combat 5, and also with sites like LadyLucks that feature user-friendly roulette competitions that allow players to develop with their own tournament strategy, the Samsung Galaxy S7 would offer a 21st century solution to those wishing to enjoy the commute in style.

The convenience offered for gaming by mobile devices has also been seen in the surprising rise of tablets on many retail shopfloors. This allows many retail assistants unsurpassed mobility whilst catering to customers, and their wireless technology adds a further degree of access to online product catalogues as well as revolutionary shopping software like Shopify.

So from powerful smartphones that allow for greater connectivity and online gaming pleasures, to the most multi-functional hybrid devices, there’s a piece of tech for every occasion in the 21st century workplace.