Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Power of TV Commercials

By Guest Author | ads | March 27, 2020

With the power of social media becoming more apparentwith each passing day, it is completely understandable that businesses maystart to shy away from more traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers,radio and even TV.

However, did you know that there are a whopping 120.6 million TVhouseholds in the U.S? Furthermore, the average U.S consumer spends a massive 238minutes (3 hours 58 minutes) each day watching the box.

Not only is this a huge percentage of the nation, withmore than 80% of the U.S population watch TV on any given day, more importantly,it is the way in which they consume this form of media that makes thisadvertising method still as relevant as ever before.

Not yet convinced?

Keep reading to find out more about why you should notignore the power of TV commercials, plus how you can ensure that you get themost out of this advertising option.  

Greater reach

Although you may be under the misconception thatsocial media is dominant in reach, in 2018, there were an estimated 304.5million TV viewers, whereas in the same year, there were only 244million social media users in the country.

Of course, both offer incredibly high numbers and vastreach across the country, but the takeaway point is that TV still dominates,especially regarding its ability to target a wide range of demographics.

Increased focus

The majority of people watch TV when they are at homerelaxing and therefore, their level of interest and concentration is higher thanwhen they are out and about consuming media.

When watching a TV commercial from the comfort of yourown home, you are much more likely to focus on the message that is beingportrayed, as well as being more likely to experience brand recognition. Ofcourse, you still need to ensure that your TV commercial is as relevant and originalas possible to ensure interaction and engagement with your target audience, soit can be beneficial to look to www.wearefrantic.com for their expertise andexperience in animated TV commercials.

Consumer enjoyment

Although people often moan about having to watchadvertisements during their favorite TV show, research shows that many peopleactually enjoy watching them. Moreover, the fact that they are on during a showthat they love, means that they are more likely to watch the full duration ofthe ads shown as they know that they will be getting the benefit of watchingtheir show afterwards.

However, on social media, consumers are oftenbombarded with adverts that not only do they not want to see, but that alsooffer them no benefits in return.

Enhanced prestige

TV commercials have always, and will continue to attractthe big brands, meaning that when youchoose to advertise your business via a TV commercial, you know that you willautomatically be seen as a legitimate and trusted advertiser. Whereas, advertisingon social media for example, although not without advantages, can be carriedout on a smaller and cheaper scale which can result in a diluted brand message.

Of course, what it really comes down to is ROI, andthis is where the argument gets simple; TV advertising consistently provides impressiveresults.

Plus, with the increased number of TV channels nowavailable, you can take advantage of this medium at a much lower cost than waspreviously possible; especially if you embrace different media buying tactics,meaning that you can spend more on the actual production of your ad, providingyour audience with a superior commercial.