Why Marketing Strategies Really Matter

By Guest Author | marketing | July 16, 2019

It’s important to create and follow a plan when deciding how to market your business; it’s the key to keeping goals on track and achieving the outcome you desire. The simple steps below will help ensure all essential areas are covered:

Complete a SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a process of identifying an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It determines whether there is a niche that can be taken advantage of and what strategy and framework will work best for your business’s marketing.

Add company information and characteristics to each of the four categories and draw conclusions from the results. This process will ensure your marketing strategy will work well and cover the company’s needs.

Research the Target Audience

An important area to identify is the audience you are trying to target. How old are your customers, and where do they live? Do they have a disposable income and where do they choose to shop? Are they inclined to online engagement or prefer to take advice and recommendations from friends and family? Defining your target audience ensures the marketing budget is spent in the right place and in the right format.

Allocate a Budget

Allocate a budget and stick to it, don’t overspend as results are not always guaranteed. The likes of  social media have enabled businesses to increase their marketing reach with very little investment, as long as the content is eye-catching and engaging. Take advantage of these platforms and build a community online, you’ll learn a lot about your audience if you engage with them here.

Identify the Competition

Analyze the competition, and identify gaps in the market, take inspiration from similar brands but make your marketing campaigns unique. Have specific routes of promotion created more engagement than others? Are there areas that can be improved or have not been covered? Learn as much as you can from their mistakes and use this knowledge when creating your own material.

Outline the Goals

Understand what the end goals are and what needs to be achieved; it’s the only way to monitor whether your marketing campaigns are actually working. Whether it’s a number of items sold or a number of followers on social media, it is important to identify the desired outcome here.

Implement the Strategy

When the audience and budget have been defined, it’s time to implement the strategy and get marketing campaigns off the ground. Decide if this is best achieved in-house or whether outsourcing resources from a dedicated agency will work best. Opt for industry-specific marketing groups that already have a clear understanding of the target market. justlegalmarketing.com is a prime example, a company that specializes in the online promotion of law firms.

Monitor the Results

When campaigns are finally up and running, there is still information to be obtained. Keep an eye on success and progress and analyze whether money is being spent correctly. It may become clear that some tactics work better than others, and funding may need to be rearranged.