Why is Packaging Essential for Brand Reputation?

By Guest Author | BRANDING | April 19, 2021

Packaging is one of the 5 Ps of marketing and plays a very important role in brand identity. But what exactly is Packaging? According to experts, this function involves the introduction of the product to the buyer. Packaging is more than packing; it tells the consumer everything he wants to know about the product. Marketing pros consider packaging essential for a brand reputation for several reasons.

Brand Identity Expression

Packaging design represents what that product is about. If you are selling a health drink, it should come in a sleek container that conveys health benefits. On the other hand, if you are selling medicines, then the container should be simple in design. Great brands convey all the product information on the package in appropriate colors and font sizes. You can source world-class labeling services and equipment from Pro Motion Industries.

Relationship Building

Do you know that packaging helps build relationships between brands and consumers? If your brand comes in an easy-to-use package, users are much likely to make a repeat purchase. What does this mean to marketers? Simply this; if your packaging is simple, you will get repeat sales. Imagine if a toothpaste maker put their product in a square-shaped box rather than a tube? This would be disastrous for that business because nobody would be able to handle that product as easily.

Brand Communication

Imagine you are selling a vacuum cleaner to a person who has never used it before. If there were little or no information about the product on the package, the customer wouldn’t buy the product at all. They need to know how this machine works and how it will help them in their daily life.

On the other hand, a less complicated product such as a soap would contain lesser but pertinent information for the consumer. This information might include storage details, ingredients, etc.

To sum up, brands use packaging designs to inform their customers how the products would work.


If a customer receives a worn-out or torn package, they will view that brand unfavorably. Perhaps, they won’t buy that product at all. They would associate a torn or broken package with a defective product.

That is why great marketing companies ensure that their packages reach their customers in the perfect condition. It matters little whether you are selling a toothpaste, a bar of soap, a can of engine oil, or a printer. Buyers associate packaging with products. Good packaging means good products.


When you are selling a consumer product such as a health drink, packaging only reinforces the customer’s buying decision. They have seen your ad on TV, and most probably wants to buy that product. In this case, packaging plays a secondary role.

However, packaging can make or break the deal. Particularly if customer is looking at a shelf filled with the same items by different brands, the product that they decide to purchase will be dependent on the packaging that they like the best.