Why Hydration is Essential for Your Employees’ Work Productivity

By Guest Author | HR | October 10, 2021

Without water, such physiological processes as energy production, the transmission of nerve impulses, information processing, and its assimilation by the brain are impossible. Lack of water in the body can affect the slowdown of physiological reactions, concentration, and thinking speed.


The result is a waste of time and resources and reduced profits in a company.


Dehydration as little as 2% to 3% can reduce overall productivity at work by up to 20%. This is because your ability to carry nutrients, regenerate Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and lactic acid leaching is drastically reduced when dehydrated. Suddenly, focusing on a task becomes much more complicated than it should be, thereby reducing the overall intensity, which naturally contributes to the worst results. Your blood vessels don’t open as freely when dehydrated, which means you suffer from blood flow to your muscles.

Nutrient transport, circulation, general gut health, and even joint health are linked to human hydration. In a state of dehydration, the intestines cannot process food properly. Hence, the absorption of nutrients is not as efficient. The blood does not provide enough nutrients for the muscles, toxins are not excreted from the body, so nutrition and regeneration of all cells in the body are not as effective.

How does water affect the body of your employees?

Many have heard that an adult should drink at least 1-1.5 liters of water per day. It is better to drink in small portions of 200-300 ml. and at regular intervals. What effect does water have on the brain and the body as a whole? If you adhere to the correct drinking regime, then after a while, you can feel pleasant changes, but most importantly, the habit of drinking enough water works for the future:

— The psyche will become more stable in the workplace, and cheerfulness will appear.
— Metabolism will increase by about 30% – fat burning will accelerate, and employees will have the strength to perform professional tasks.
— Concentration will improve significantly, work efficiency will increase, and it will be easier to get up in the morning for work.

How dehydration manifests itself

You do not need to wait for a strong thirst to drink. It is best to drink small portions throughout the day. If the body becomes dehydrated, it manifests in decreased performance, poor concentration, depressed mood, aggression, and irritability. This is since brain cells lose volume, and blood vessels narrow. Chronic dehydration threatens atherosclerosis and other cerebrovascular diseases. Brain activity and water have an interesting relationship. It turns out that drinking plain pure water can significantly improve our health and well-being.

What and how to drink in the office

An adult needs to drink 1.5 liters of water a day – pure drinking water, not tea, coffee, or juice in the office. For some, 1 liter is enough, but for someone, the norm will be 2 liters per day – it depends on age, body weight, health, physical activity, climatic conditions, and other factors. Physiologists say that for health, you need to drink pure spring or natural mineral water. You can add lemon to the water, and if you drink juices, then diluted with water, or even better – herbal teas and fruit compotes without sugar. Even healthy drinks will not replace the clean water your employees need for the ordinary course of physiological reactions in the body.

There is no need to order bottled water to ensure that your employees and customers always have access to clean water. It is more convenient to install the aqua water filter connected to the water supply. A multistage filter (flow-through or reverse osmosis) is at the heart of such a system, which purifies water from impurities.


The need to hydrate your employees is a challenge that must not be overlooked. It is necessary to identify weak points and level them. Standard marketing solutions are often sufficient, but they should be applied systematically and not from time to time. This is the secret of the efficiency of specialists and the success of the company. If your employees feel tired and sleepy, they are tormented by a headache at the workplace, tired of monotonous work, and they feel distracted, offer a glass of clean water, and everyone will immediately feel better.