Why Alicante: SimLab IT

By Guest Author | Alicante | December 13, 2019

The SimLab IT platform allows for creation and streaming simulation while collecting performance data. It offers many forms of basic as well as custom-built data collections and lesson customisation. The platform can collect data such as voice emotional data, play data, question answers, and others. Creating VR/AR/360 video lessons to simulate situations for staff and students can be very helpful in the learning process for medical procedures. It can also be problematic. SimLab IT solves this by centralising all the technology needed to create these lessons in one easy-to-use online platform that is shared between universities, governments, NGOs and enterprises alike.

‘We have a global network of 40 medical knowledge organisations that can exchange knowledge through VR/AR globally,’ says SimLab IT’s co-founder and CEO Robert Taylor. ‘Partners can create content and export this information to anyone in the network and beyond. Simply log in to our online platform and make your own lesson anytime, anywhere. Use the pre-built system to create your own custom environment and, if that is not enough, to upload your own models/videos/other content to the system for added flexibility.’ SimLab ITjoined Distrito Digital to search for partners in Spain and LatAm.