Why Alicante: Ferrovial

By Guest Author | Alicante | December 13, 2019

Ferrovial is one of the world’s leading infrastructure and services operators. It believes that creating an environment where innovation is not limited to a few units or departments, but rather extends to all employees, is key to innovation.

And Kuiko, its successful intra-entrepreneurship project, was a clear example of this innovation model. Kuiko is a digital platform that allows SMEs and the self-employed to find, share and contract facility management services from local certified suppliers with guarantees and security for both parties.

It also became a key partner for the suppliers and service providers, helping them increase their customers while ending payment procrastination and having digital tools that facilitate their day-to-day operations. Carlos Canosa, Kuiko’s manager, says the search for specific suppliers of this type of service, for a recurring or punctual need, in a fragmented market without references, becomes a difficulty for SMEs. Kuiko can facilitate a stable framework of interaction in an ecosystem of suppliers and customers. 

Kuiko will soon install its offices on the technology campus of Alicante’s Distrito Digital. With access to all its facilities, it can advise both professionals and customers of its online service contracting platform, making it the physical point of reference, support and attention for the entire province of Alicante.

Canosa says: ‘As an online platform that helps companies benefit from the opportunities of digital transformation, especially in relation to the digital contracting of services, what better scenario to operate throughout the Alicante province than the Distrito Digital, which offers a pool of talent, innovation and companies committed to the latest technologies.’