Why Alicante: Dentro da Historia

By Guest Author | Alicante | December 13, 2019

Dentro da Historia combines digital interactions with physical experiences, allowing children to be the hero and protagonist of amazing stories with their favourite characters, both in books and online.

‘When we heard about the Distrito Digital, we were very excited,’ says the company’s European director Igor Burattini. ‘Spain was already on our radar for expansion and knowing more about the programme just emphasised the importance of being in Spain.

’Once it had visited Alicante, it was fully convinced as the location was not only beautiful, it also had a fantastic infrastructure. It looks forward to partnering with companies in Spain and throughout Europe who see the innovation of allowing the child to be the main character in stories like never before.

‘Educational companies, investors, traditional publishers – we believe we can all benefit from partnerships,’ adds Burattini.