Why Alicante: Abionica

By Guest Author | Alicante | December 13, 2019

Abionica is a drone tech company, building the electronic control solutions required to make drones fly over cities, perform package delivery, cargo lifting and other safe commercial applications. It designs, develops and integrates customised flight control systems, tailored to the platform and the mission, modelling the aircraft and designing an optimal control solution compliant with safety standards.

Abionica’s backbone technology combines cutting-edge smart algorithms and a modular hardware architecture to mitigate any drone failure, malfunction or air-to-air collision while guiding and controlling the aircraft during its flight. It is focused on supporting the launch of other companies in the industry and its products. Antonio Bedmar, founder and CEO of Abionica, worked for 11 years in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, aka drones) sector.

This extensive experience has allowed him not only to develop as a specialist in the airworthiness of unmanned aerial systems but also to gain a deeper understanding of this incipient and exponential market. ‘This is what led me to create my company able to provide a real solution to market needs, offering customer focus services and products,’ he says.

According to him, Abionica is very happy to be part of Distrito Digital, a very active community in a marvellous location, close to the sea and with excellent flight connections. ‘From our perspective, it is offering a valuable set of services to startups, with astonishing facilities and infrastructures. In our short time in Distrito Digital, we have been able to expand our network, discover other startup solutions and find a common place to build future synergies,’ he says.