Who you need to have in your growing business

By Guest Author | HR people | October 30, 2019

Congratulations on the expansion of your company! This is good news for you because it means you’ve been achieving your goals, you’re a success, and you’re beginning to be a big player in your market. Yet it can also be bad news because it means you need to employ more people – but you just don’t know who.

There are many different job roles that you may come to depend on in the coming months and years. Your task is to make sure you get those people in position before you need them, so you are well prepared for whatever lies ahead. Here are some of the roles you should seriously consider as your next hires.

Product manager

Before you go any further – and grow any more – you will need someone who is an expert in the product that you are selling. This may be hard because this is your product, yet this will be the best option for the customer because they will then have the best options.

A product manager will know what is important to the customer and why it should matter to them. Your expert will also understand how your product is created, how’s it’s sold, and how it compares to similar offerings from your key competitors.


Your business has a product to offer. So now you need someone who can target your customers and inform them about why your product should matter to them.

At this point in your company’s journey, you’ll need a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in marketing, who can work across various media – such as TV, print, social media and blogging, to name a few. They should also be happy to change strategies if one isn’t working.

That doesn’t mean you should be totally hands-off, as you will need to provide a plan and directives in the early days. Also, consider applicants who have been flexible and demonstrated aptitude previously.

Human resources

So, you might only have five employees as part of your team for the next couple of years. You don’t need an HR specialist… do you?

People are your most important resource so, for your business to continue, you will need someone who can help develop your staff and achieve their best standards. If you’re expanding quickly, then companies such as Hunter Adams HR can provide your brand with the resources you need from day one – they can help with recruitment and other HR tasks until you’re ready to find the right long-term hire.


Money is important to your business, and you can’t afford to waste it early on. So, it’s worth getting in someone who knows what they’re doing when setting up your book-keeping system.

Make sure you hire an accountant with the credentials and qualifications that best suit your requirements. For instance, that person should ideally have previous experience with small businesses and start-ups if you’re just starting to grow. An expert advisor can help you make decisions such as when to expand once you understand your company’s cash flow.