Veriff enters German market

By Guest Author | veriff | June 12, 2019

Berlin’s public transport company BVG picked Estonian startup Veriff to verify people’s identities in Jelbi, its freshly-launched mobility app. Jelbi is a one-stop transport shop for commuters and travelers in Berlin.

Read more about Veriff in our interview with co-founder Kaarel Kotkas (on right) in CoFounder No 12, published in 2018

Jelbi covers Berlin’s entire public transportation system, scooters, bikes, ride-hailing and car sharing, as well as traditional taxis. Veriff comes in when a person wants to use a Jelbi service that requires identity verification and drivers’ licence validation. Veriff’s technology ensures that the person is who they claim to be and has a valid driver’s licence.

BVG selected Veriff as a verification partner because of the company’s multi-layered security solution that is safer than the face-to-face identification. 

“Veriff enables Jelbi to give a convenient service to people without compromising on security. BVG makes Berlin a pioneering example of the Smart City by merging different mobility providers into a single application. People have an easy access to many transportation means within the city..”

Kaarel Kotkas, Veriff co-founder

BVG’s Jelbi app includes mobility-service providers such as the Berlin-based car-sharing startup MILES Mobility, the e-scooter sharing app Emmy, and the bike-sharing platform Nextbike. The goal is to add another 20+ mobility services to the app.