Use These 5 Convenient Tools to Organize Your PDF Files

By Guest Author | PDF | June 22, 2021

All of your PDF file problems are immediately solved thanks to PDFBear’s helpful assistance because PDFBear is online software that may assist you with anything related to PDF files. This program will make your life easier and more efficient, and it will make it more accessible while dealing with such files.

Convert PDF

Whenever you need to convert your PDF to PPT, Word, Excel, or JPG format file, PDFBear is the best and number one tool to assist or help you achieve it in mere seconds. There are two ways the PDF converter tool can execute, that is to convert from various file types to PDF and vice versa. With only a few mouse clicks, the software will be able to complete the task instantly. So here’s how you can use this feature to execute and complete the process correctly:

1 – Bring your PDF file from the device to the conversion box.
2- Your documents will be scanned and extracted by the system.
3 – Please wait for the program to replicate all information of the PDF file and convert it to the required format.
4 – The freshly transformed file is now accessible for download and sharing.

Add Watermark to PDF

When you add a watermark to a file, it signifies that it is yours and that no one else may claim it. And you can only apply a watermark to your PDF file if you use the Add Watermark function. In a matter of minutes, the tool will apply the watermark you desire. Whatever the design or font you like, a text or image is the two options you can choose for your watermark. You may also choose where the watermark should display in the file. Using this function, here’s how to create a watermark on your PDF file:

1 – Drag and drop your PDF file into the site’s box.
2 – Quickly drop the photo or enter the necessary text to use as a watermark. To get started, click the “Add Watermark” tab.
3 – When the watermarking process is ongoing, please wait.
4 – You may now email and download the watermarked PDF file once it’s finished.

Rotate PDF

PDFBear makes it easier to rotate your PDF files, whether you have one or several. Its display functions are simple to utilize, and it enables customers to rearrange and make modifications to their files immediately. And if you’d like to learn how to do it, follow these simple steps:

1 – Choose the PDF file you want to rotate or use the “Drag & Drop” technique.
2 – The circle arrow will display after that, allowing you to rotate your PDFs.
3 – When you’ve found the best angle for the data, press the “Apply” key.
4 – Users may now start sharing or downloading their PDFs once they complete the procedure. It will save in the cloud.

Merge PDF

PDFBear is the finest solution for merging several PDF documents into one PDF file in the simplest and fastest way possible. The directions are simple to follow, and you can combine dozens and dozens of PDF files with only a few clicks. PDFBear is also the most popular tool on the internet. So, here’s how you can join PDF files together:

1 – To utilize this PDF merger, select the files or use the “Drag & Drop” approach to combine your files.
2 – Wait for the merging of your files into a single PDF file to finish.
3 – Modify the data as required. Select the “Combine” option once you’re finished.
4 – Download your files to your computer or send the PDF file to a colleague through Dropbox or Google Drive.

Split PDF

If PDFBear has a technique for combining PDFs into a single PDF file. They also provide an online split PDF feature that allows you to separate pages of your PDF files that you may no longer require or if you wish to delete only one specific page from a PDF file. It enables you to extract or split file pages and export them to other PDF files. Splitting a file, especially a PDF file, is never simple, but it becomes seamless and fast with PDFBear’s assistance. The easy steps for dividing PDF pages are as follows:

1 – Select and drag the PDF file that demands to be divided.
2 – By selecting it, you may decide the pages from the original PDF file you want to remove.
3 – To refine the selected pages, click them and then start exporting them to another PDF.
4 – After you’ve completed the steps, you may begin downloading the file.


Now that you’ve learned about some essential PDFBear features, you might like to start using it right off the bat. Unlike other online tools, PDFBear is simple to use and accessible to anybody for free. Visit their site now!