Unique Startup Competition: Mine tailings to glass

By Vattan PS | September 3, 2019

Ennomotive, the leading open innovation platform for engineering challenges, just launched a competition to find new ways to eliminate impurities from mine tailings and use them to produce different types of glass.

During mining operations, metallic ores and other inert materials are extracted from the ground and are usually stored in tailings dams. These waste materials (tailings) have different granulometry and are mainly composed of silica and smaller amounts of other materials. Silica can be used to produce different kinds of glass, such as flat glass products, bottles, or others that require different compositions and prices. However, the current materials found in tailings require a reprocessing to eliminate impurities at a reasonable cost.

The main goal of this challenge is to find out the process and/or technology to turn this waste into valuable raw materials to be used in the manufacturing of different types of glass.

This online competition is open worldwide to any professional, student or Academia from different industries and technical backgrounds that want to propose a solution for this challenge. Ennomotive offers 15,000 euros in prizes to be shared among the best ideas for this competition.

Interested participants should sign up at www.ennomotive.com and submit their solution before 7 October 2019.