Ultimate Guide to Using WhatsApp Tools for Business

By Guest Author | Social media whatsapp | January 10, 2022

WhatsApp is a platform that has shown some dominance and has no signs of slowing down. Actually, more than 2 billion people are using WhatsApp across the world. As a result, marketers are now finding the messaging platform more interesting and are continually learning its full potential.


Although the platform is ad-free, developers have built WhatsApp sender tools to help companies effectively engage with their customers. So the chatbot integration potential provides unparalleled marketing opportunities.

Several market players are continuously streaming into the WhatsApp space. So then, let’s consider how you can incorporate the chat platform into your marketing strategy and integrate it with tools that can help you take your promotional messages a step higher.

The Impact of WhatsApp Tools on Your Marketing Strategy

Chat marketing is the new way of connecting with your customers. WhatsApp marketing is a customer-centric strategy that can double your client conversion rate when appropriately used.

In fact, eCommerce depends on customer interaction and satisfaction, and WhatsApp offers both. Integrating this application with certain software turns your business WhatsApp platform into the best marketing app.

Here is what you get from WhatsApp marketing tools.

  • Groups

WhatsApp Groups allows you to segment your larger audience and continue the conversation based on the product they buy from you. Each group should contain 2-256 contacts.

WhatsApp marketing tools help you carry out business-related conversations at no cost. Additionally, they help you send personalized messages based on your customers’ interests instead of bombarding them with business information they’re not interested in.

  • Broadcast List

WhatsApp marketing tools have rich features that allow you to send unlimited bulk messages. For instance, WA Web Messenger is a WhatsApp automation tool that enables you to use the platform’s broadcast list option to send thousands of messages at once.

Therefore, your customers receive normal messages without other recipients’ details, just like how BCC works on email marketing. Also, you can schedule these messages to reach your contacts at different times or days to avoid crowding their inboxes.

  • One-to-one Chat

WhatsApp sender tools help you build a good client database on your phone or computer. They also filter out inactive numbers from your WhatsApp marketing list.

This makes it easy to connect with each client individually or as a group through simple chats. Still, you can send your potential and loyal customers videos, audios, or photos about your products or services, promotions, events, and more.

The Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools for Your Business

1. WA Web Messenger

This is one of the best WhatsApp automation and marketing software in the market because it’s rich in features. For instance, you can easily engage your customers without saving their numbers.

It’s easy to use WA Web Messenger because there is no software installation; instead, it’s a simple chrome extension. Further, you can name customize your messages, send text, video, audio, or image attachments using WA web.

2. Bulk WhatsApp Sender

The WhatsApp marketing tool is unique compared to 100 similar sender software in the market because it gives you regular free updates and excellent customer support. Bulk WhatsApp Sender by Digital Suvidha allows you to create customized messages and send via WhatsApp web.

Additionally, you can generate a detailed report of your campaign to help you make data-driven decisions in the future. Still, you can send messages from multiple WhatsApp accounts with this tool.

3. Vepaar

WhatsApp bulk messaging tools have made connecting with the target audience easier. Vepaar app, formerly WhatsHash, has all the features that you need to efficiently communicate with your customers, manage the sales pipeline, run polls, and build an eCommerce store.

Further, the multitasking WhatsApp marketing software allows you to automate your campaigns by sending messages and replies, creating broadcast lists, and handling major CRM operations with a low budget. Additionally, you can build an online store on your WhatsApp business with products and links using Vepaar.

4. WaWebIndia

WhatsApp is a global tool. While there are tools out there which are build specifically for the whole world, there are also ones that are more specific to locations. One of them in WaWebIndia.com. This platform can be used to send bulk messages and as a sender. Do check it out. 

Benefits of Using the Above WhatsApp Tools

You have now learned that it’s easy to promote and gain brand recognition through WhatsApp marketing because of the multiple tools in the market. So, it’s vital to add this messaging platform to the list of your social media channels that you use to market your brand.

Here are additional benefits of linking your WhatsApp with tools such as WA Web Sender, Bulk WhatsApp Sender, Vepaar, and more.

— It’s an easy-to-use software, and linking it with WhatsApp sender tools enhances its features.
— You can use your business WhatsApp to inform your clients about events, promotions, new arrivals or send seasonal greetings.
— The platform supports text messages, images, videos, audios, Vcards, or URLs. This increases website visits and clicks.
— Circulating messages on WhatsApp is less costly compared to other marketing channels.
— The application offers blue ticks, which enable you to calculate the open rate of messages and the success of your marketing campaign.

Final Word

WhatsApp tools enhance the capabilities of this marketing application, thus helping you achieve a higher success rate. The tools mentioned above are among the best WhatsApp sender tools in the market.

Many companies are using them and recording improved WhatsApp marketing outcomes. So leverage these tools and get the best out of your marketing campaign.