Trust Could Play an Important Role in 2022’s Success for Businesses

By Guest Author | trust | January 19, 2022

As we enter the new year, many people are wondering what it will be like in 2022. Many things could change over the next 10 years that might not seem as important now. 

One certain thing is that trust in businesses will be essential in driving forward success and productivity. As a way to help foster trust via the use of technology, HRM systems are contributing to doing so by assisting with payroll, benefits administration, and more to ensure that your company is compliant across all areas while also saving time on paperwork.

Nevertheless, for trust to be developed and built further, it is important to understand where any disparities arise.

2021 Trust in HR infographic

In 2021, a survey was created to determine the effect of trust within organisations and their relationships with their HR teams. The survey consisted of 1,000 UK employees across the UK and Ireland across various companies with over 250 full-time employees.

HR teams have been able to capitalise on the pandemic by showing that they are taking action against it. The number of people who trust their HR team more than before COVID-19 is 32% whereas only 14% had less confidence following COVID-19.

In high-level organisations trust matters a lot and results in 74% less stress,50% higher productivity,76% more engagement, and 106% more energy at work. You can view more information in full about the survey results findings here.

5 Ways of Ensuring Trust to grow your Business in 2022

There are some ways to build this kind of trust with employees, customers, and stakeholders, but none more so than transparency. Here’s how you can start building your business with transparency

1) Ensure all employees understand their role and responsibilities

All employees need to understand what is expected of them, and how their role fits into the overall success of your business. This way they can be confident that they are making a difference through work.

When you have clear expectations for all staff members it helps drive effective communication as well because everyone knows who needs information from whom. 

Not only this but it also helps to identify where staff may not be getting the clarity required. If there is any confusion, it can quickly be addressed before becoming a larger problem for your business.

2) Be accountable for mistakes

Mistakes are going to happen, it’s a business reality. But when they do you need to be accountable for them and ensure that any mistakes or failures don’t become a habit within your company.

When someone makes an error in their work or tasks this can often lead to other employees making the same mistake leading to further issues for your organisation. 

By being accountable and taking responsibility for these mistakes, you can limit their occurrence and actually learn from them.

This also demonstrates to customers that you are a company that takes its commitments seriously. If something goes wrong, they know you’ll do your best to make it right instead of sweeping it under the rug.

3) Showcase customer feedback on social media

In today’s social media-driven world, consumers want to feel like they are being heard. Customers who have good experiences will often share them with their friends and followers on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

When you publish these positive reviews of your products or services across different forms of social media, it can help drive business growth in the long term.

This will help build trust with your customers who might not have heard of the business previously and can also encourage them to recommend it to their friends, family or colleagues in the future.

4) Use social media to interact with customers

Social media is an essential part of business today. The majority of people are always connected through some kind of platform, and they can share their thoughts or experiences on products or services at any time during the day. 

It’s important that you take advantage of this by responding quickly to comments posted online about your brand. If a customer has a bad experience, you can address their concern and help them to feel like they are being heard.

5) Highlight your company values on your website

Your company’s values should be front and centre on your website. This is the first place that customers will look to when they are trying to get a sense of who you are as a business.

Make sure that the values you list resonate with your target audience, and use them to guide all of your business decisions. When customers can see that you are living by your values, it will help to build trust with them.

Building trust with customers is essential for any business looking to grow and be successful in the coming years. By using some of the tips mentioned above, you can start building a foundation of trust that will help propel your company.

This will show your customers that you care about what they have to say, which in turn builds trust within the company and helps keep recurring sales up over time as well.


In conclusion, building trust is essential for any business looking to grow and be successful in the coming years. By using some of the tips mentioned above, you can start building a foundation of trust that will help to propel your company.