Trending Products to Sell in 2022: The Best 7 Categories

By Emma Worden | DIY ecommerce | April 30, 2022

When opening an e-commerce store, deciding which products to offer is one of the most essential steps. But with such a wide array of available options, the choices can quickly become overwhelming and finding the right products to sell can be an even more challenging task. That is why many online stores decide to look at products that are currently trending. These items tend to offer inspiration, as well as insights into the most profitable categories. If you’d like to do the same as well, here are some trending categories and products you should consider selling this year:

1 – Home decor products

If you want to quickly get your e-commerce business up and running, selling home decor items is the way to go. While these products might have reached their peak of popularity in 2020, they are actually expected to continue to grow steadily in the following years, coming with a significant increase in market value. Recent global events have forced us to prioritize comfortable and cozy home atmospheres, which might explain the continued demand for great home decor items. If you want to venture into this product category as well, focus on towels, bedding, carpets, and storage containers for higher chances of success.

2 – Hair and beauty items

In case you’d like to focus on the beauty industry, on the other hand, you should know that makeup and skincare are no longer the best options. These markets have become overly saturated and too competitive to guarantee a profit in recent years. Instead, hair tools and beauty accessories are on the rise and represent a brilliant opportunity for growth. From headscarves and hair wigs to nail extensions and fake eyelashes, these accessories continue to be the most searched items in the beauty category, providing the ideal chance to tap into this flourishing market.

3 – Exercise equipment

During the pandemic, self-care through sports and fitness was a priority for most people, whether it was done in the gym, at home, or outdoors. With that in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that exercise equipment is still high in demand in 2022, representing another great category you could sell. In case you use the dropshipping model, you can cover virtually any need from sports gear such as exercise machines and weights to clothing and accessories. In all other instances, focusing on only one area and offering products in that niche might give you better chances of success. Athleisure, running shoes, and sports bottles are great items to sell online at the moment.

4 – Women’s clothing

Fashion is always a favored category, especially when it comes to women’s apparel, and it’s a segment that continues to thrive in e-commerce stores. That is why the number of trending products on the fashion market is always high, but that doesn’t mean that certain items won’t perform better than others. For instance, women’s cardigans are currently among the most popular fashion items. They can be worn on a number of different occasions, replace outerwear in some instances, and aid in layering, a trend that is bound to rise in the upcoming months. Clearly, a very profitable opportunity.

5 – Products for pets

While this might come as a surprise to many retail businesses, the pet supplies market is actually among the most stable categories. Online stores currently selling products for cats and dogs are enjoying high levels of success, particularly now when younger, more pet-loving consumers begin dominating the market. This means that establishing yourself in the pet market might guarantee lasting success for your business. Some pet-related products you can offer include pet food, carriers, bathing and grooming tools, beds, as well as accessories such as harnesses, leashes, and even costumes. All items for pets seem to be particularly tending at the moment.

6 – Sustainable items

Although a relatively new trend, sustainability is rapidly increasing in popularity and is expected to continue growing over the next few decades. As more countries around the globe start making ecological transitions and more consumers become aware of the importance of green living, eco-friendly products quickly shift from a requirement to a new need. For that reason, selling sustainable items in 2022 is an incredibly wise business decision, especially when it comes to products such as reusable water bottles, bamboo cutlery, silicone straws, metal coffee pods, reusable makeup pads, and cotton swabs, etc.

7 – Tech accessories

Of course, technology is a category that is continuously trending and that offers a number of unique e-commerce opportunities. But apart from devices and gadgets, tech accessories seem to be the items that attract a wide audience, fulfill the needs of different demographics, and bring more success to e-commerce companies. This usually includes products such as phone cases, wireless chargers and stations, USB docking stations, car phone holders, and even wearable accessories like smartwatches and fitness trackers. These items can present plenty of potentials and lead to quick business growth in 2022.

Trending products don’t have a tendency to change drastically each year. No matter which one of these categories you decide to sell in 2022, chances are high you will be able to reach long-term success with your business.