Traffic-Boosting Blog Topics You Should Try This Pandemic

By Guest Author | bloggings | May 2, 2021

Safety during the pandemic means limiting your physical interaction. However, social media, online communities, and other platforms like website blogs have bridged this need for communication. It has fostered a sense of belongingness between people who feel isolated during the constant lockdowns.

Blogs and websites are now the main centres and proponents in creating informative and sometimes interactive spaces. With the increasing demand for such spaces, how can a creator make sure that their website content is up to par with everyone else? How can beginner bloggers gain traction and attention for their websites? Well, here are some topic ideas including the ABCs to boost your following in your blogging journey:

Reuse Old Content

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker

Before focusing your efforts on making new content, invest in old material. This does not mean that you are endorsing stale topics. Some of these topics can still gain traction and become relevant if you tweak them a bit some parts of them. You may relate them to current issues like the pandemic, quarantine, and social or physical distancing. By optimizing your existing content, you are spending less time and money for a bigger reward.

Select Titillating Topics

When trying to induce blog traffic, your mantra should be what interests people the most. You can still have your own umbrella idea, but you have to create articles that are timely, trending, and engaging. With the pandemic compromising everyone’s health, you may diversify on discussions like introducing workplace safety training in Barrie, Ontario.

Accidents can still happen during the pandemic even if most people are staying at home, so giving information regarding long-term disability claims is still relevant. If you run a warehouse, topics that might interest readers are those related to logistics and warehouse information. This can range from answering questions on what forklift trucks are used for and the protocols in operating one.

Now, more than ever, there are more subject matters out there that you can venture on. The pandemic has not only changed our way of life but also the interests of the people. Be sure to stay in with the market trends and follow the flow of interest.

Research Quality Keywords

Keywords are just like real-life keys. They can help you unlock doors that lead to wider audiences and readers. By utilizing relevant keywords, you can boost the traffic for your blog in such a short time. Adding hashtags that relate to the pandemic takes little effort but can yield big results. For example, try to add words like “COVID-19”, “pandemic”, “safety”, and more for topics tackling the current crisis. Find a way to relate your website to the current issues of today.

Get the Word out on Social Media

Social media platforms are the perfect jump point for increasing reader participation. Investing in social media ads can help you cast a larger net and influence. You can make these ads yourself for free, but it is best to consult with social media specialists. You can do this by taking the usual route of going onto Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But, you may also collaborate with other websites and have your blog embedded into their content for redirection.

Fix Issues

Nothing bores a client more than an unresponsive website. A blog that does not answer a reader’s queries right away leads to attention loss. Deal with this problem by ensuring interactivity in your blog.

You may place chatbots for usual questions or have your social media handles or contact information be visible so they can contact you right away. Make sure that you get notified of the activities in your blog. By keeping a watchful eye, you can guarantee your readers a more comprehensive experience.

Relevant, Realistic, and Reliable

When creating blogs, there are three disciplines that you should always remember.

— Your content, whatever it may be, should be relevant. Acknowledging real-world issues and incorporating them in your articles helps the readers get in touch with the content better.
— Your topics should also be realistic, which means they should be grounded in your target audience’s lives.
— All information should be reliable and fact-checked.

Knowing your Niche

Putting out your blog content at the forefront of search results may seem intimidating and hard. The fear of being harshly judged or not noticed may hinder you. However, you can shake off these worries by knowing exactly who you are and what you want to sell. Make sure to determine what niche you want to target, who your target audience is, and what topics you are most knowledgeable about.

No matter how dire, you can take advantage of the situation by making high-quality content that your audience will appreciate and engage with. With proper management and information auditing, you too can be a successful blogger. This won’t exactly happen overnight, but you will get there. It takes hard work and dedication to your craft to achieve that coveted boost in blog traffic. Your blogs should serve as a gateway for your readers to stay connected and be better citizens of the world.

Cover photo by Corinne Kutz