Top Ways to Improve Brand Awareness for Your Small Business

By Guest Author | brand | September 16, 2021

Often, small businesses tend to fold up due to low patronage from people. As a small business, improving your brand’s awareness is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.


The more people recognize your brand, the more they tend to patronize you. Some researchers have shown that it takes at least between five and seven impressions for someone to remember and recognize a brand. Therefore, you must make a memorable impression on your target audience to know your product and continuously grow brand awareness.

Some advantages of improving your brand awareness include:

  1. It develops trust between your brand and consumers.
  2. It builds brand equity or value.
  3. Provides useful executive metrics.
  4. Enhance product recognition.
  5. Increases digital impact.
  6. It helps generate more sales and increase productivity.

 Since brand awareness is crucial to business growth, here are the ways to improve on them for your small business.

Partnering With Packaging Firms

The first thing that attracts consumers to a product is the look. Due to its design and packaging, brands with a good appearance tend to be patronized more by consumers. Hence, you can partner with RXD to get the best of your brand packaging. They offer limitless possibilities of custom-engineered packaging that can raise your brand’s profile. With RXD packaging, your product can get the desired recognition, generate more traffic to your website, and increase sales.

Make Your Brand Social

A significant way to build brand awareness is to take your product online. The social media space is increasing daily, and it’s an excellent opportunity to advertise your brand. Just having a social media page for your business isn’t enough. You have to post creative and engaging content as well consistently. This content must be so clever that people will want to interact with your business. Also, customers’ reviews of your product speak a lot about your brand. Most consumers read reviews about a product before buying it. Having positive reviews on social media helps build your reputation and can boost your SEO too.

Content Marketing

As earlier said, having creative content will help boost your brand’s awareness. When you create content, you educate people about your business, telling them more about your product. Always create relevant and interactive contents that will make your prospective customers notice you.

Also, use infographics and images to create content. People tend to interact with these types of content a lot. Turning essential pieces of information into an infographic will easily attract consumers’ attention. People can also share this excellent content, making it accessible and visible to others.

Hire Influencers

Getting an influencer to advertise your brand is a great way to improve brand awareness and hopefully drive sales. As most successful influencers have established followers who know and trust them, it is good to collaborate with them. Whenever they mention your product and discuss anything related to your brand in their content, it increases awareness of your business. Working with an influencer automatically makes them part of your sales team. This will influence the growth of your business and create more recognition for your brand.

Give Out Branded Gifts

You can also create awareness for your product by getting branded gifts and giving them out to your customers. Invest in gift items with your logo or information on them, and share them with people randomly. This makes your brand available in many homes, thereby building awareness. Also, give out samples and free trials of your products or services. And ensure to emphasize the word “free” on the posts about samples and free trials you are giving out.


Over time, many brands struggle with their marketing strategies in the measurement of brand metrics. However, you do not need to be like them. For your small business to thrive, you must improve your brand awareness. When more people know your brand, it generates traffic to your website, and there is a tendency for increased productivity. As earlier mentioned, there are so many ways to build your brand’s awareness. And a significant way to achieve this is by partnering with RXD to help you design and package your product.