Top Tips for Using Video to Drive Sales

By Guest Author | video | December 9, 2021

It doesn’t matter if you operate a global organization or a small startup, one of the most effective marketing tools you can utilise is video content. People love visual content. It grabs their attention and makes them take notice, which is ideal for improving brand visibility. 

The stats also speak for themselves. Based on research by Smart Insights, 92% of marketers claim video is an important aspect of their marketing plan. With so many using video, it demonstrates it is an area you should not overlook. 

However, it’s also something you cannot rush into without any sort of strategy in place. You need to craft videos that appeal to your audience and drive sales. The following tactics will show you how to make it a reality. 

Professional and engaging content

First of all, it’s essential you place a strong emphasis on producing high-quality videos. That starts with having the right equipment. While most modern smartphones feature a powerful enough camera, you might want to invest in a microphone, lighting, tripod, and video editing software. 

Aside from video and audio quality, the content also has to inspire, inform, and excite your audience. Consider what customers want to see from your videos and play into their desires.

Format your script

It’s true: some videos can be done off the cuff. However, in other cases, a carefully crafted script can provide clarity and greater efficiency in delivering your message. An added bonus is that, by formatting the script prior to filming, you can include multilingual subtitles to your videos with ease.

Incorporate it into other marketing avenues 

Your video content shouldn’t be restricted to just one platform. It might start out on your website or a hosting platform like YouTube, but you need to spread out for maximum impact. Even if the video is an in-depth one, you can take snippets and post these all across your social media. 

As demonstrated by SnapCell, a specialist video tool for the automotive industry, you can also be more direct with your video content via less conventional platforms like email and SMS. By sending personalised video messages to potential customers, this can significantly increase conversion rates.  

Showcase your products

Written product descriptions are a great way to detail your products. However, they simply don’t match video in terms of supplying details which viewers will take in fully. You can zoom in on specific details or demonstrate certain features with ease. 

Due to the power of video, you should make the effort to include one on each product page to showcase your goods. 

Add a call to action

The aim is to generate more sales. As a result, incorporating a call to action to round off each video makes sense. A CTA can help to encourage prospective customers to make the leap and purchase one of your products. 

For an effective CTA, ensure you use persuasive language that provokes a positive reaction. Also, remember to not sound too pushy or desperate with your end message.