Top Tips for Hosting Your First Business Event

By Guest Author | marketing organising | March 10, 2021

There is a lot to think about when you have started a new business, and marketing is an essential part of making it a success. While digital campaigns, reviews, interviews, and offering customers special offers are all excellent avenues to explore, hosting an event as a business is another way you can attract some attention. However, events can be stressful to manage, and you need to make sure it goes well if you want your guests to leave with a positive impression. If you are thinking of hosting a business event to promote your company, here are a few tips you might find useful when it comes to planning it.


While your event might be a form of marketing in itself, you also need to promote it to make sure people know it’s happening and make them want to come. Use social media as a free platform to spread the work. You can create an event page on Facebook and share its link via Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels. You should also have an events page on your business website with the details on it, and you could even sell tickets via your website if you have the right eCommerce tools in place. Alternatively, sell tickets on an events website such as Eventbrite. Where possible, you should also have advertisements for your event in public places. Putting up posters or banners around town is ideal for this, but make sure you get permission from your local council to do this or private businesses if you’re going to advertise on their property. If you will do this, get quality signs that will suit the outdoors like these from the SoFlex range.

Confirm Speakers

If your business event is going to revolve around industry professionals giving a presentation and a Q&A session, make sure you have them confirmed before announcing your event. This way, you can advertise them as the speakers, and your guests won’t be disappointed or feel ripped off if, for whatever reason, they turn down your offer. Get this agreement in writing as well, so there is no room for confusion about what they’re owed or what they’re supposed to be doing as it gets closer to the event.


Even if you have speakers as the main event, consider other forms of entertainment for your guests in-between these sessions, whether it’s hiring a band to perform live music to create the right ambiance or putting on a quiz or raffle that could be fun for attendees to get involved with. It will help to give your event a little extra boost and make it more memorable. Just make sure this additional entertainment is appropriate for your business and the overall event.

Charge A Good Price

Putting on an event costs money, so make sure you’re charging enough to make back at least your overheads, but ideally, to make some profit. While speakers of your event’s key elements will be the main attraction, think about what else you can offer guests for their money, such as goodie bags to take home with them or a drink on arrival. This will make them feel like they’re getting more for their money and encourage them to purchase a ticket.

Events can be stressful, but they can also be a lot of fun if they go well. Be prepared for things to go wrong and have action plans, so you’re not panicking on the day, and use these tips to help you make it an event people will remember fondly.