Top Sports-Themed Business Ideas and Opportunities in 2021 for the Sports Loving Entrepreneur

By Guest Author | TIPS | June 3, 2021

When it comes to starting a business, many entrepreneurs step out on their path equipped with a universal emotion: passion. After all, if they are not excited about their own ideas and innovations, why would someone else be?

Of course, passion can present itself in many ways, as every single person on earth has a range of different, individual interests and pursuits. Although there is one hobby – the love of sports – that is shared by countless people worldwide, as fans dedicate their time and energy to traveling for important matchups, hosting game watch parties at home, and everything in between.

However, what if a person’s real desire is to merge their sports fandom with their entrepreneurial spirit of opening up a new business, making a profit from the thing that they are most passionate about? Well, in this article we outline four clever and realistic opportunities for the entrepreneur or wannabe entrepreneur that is also a dedicated sports fanatic.

Launch an Independent Sports PR Firm

One way to enter the sports industry is by opening a public relations office specifically designed to represent professional or amateur athletes, teams, or sports organizations as a whole. These types of PR firms work to grow the personal brand of players and other sports entities by communicating with the media and coordinating all types of publicity information so that the athlete(s) and organizations are well-positioned.  

Because talented athletes and clubs are steadily entering the sports scene, this business opportunity is one that is always looking for new, passionate leaders to take hold of operations. As a fan working behind the scenes, this can also be a great way to learn more about the sports you love.

PR specialists who represent athletes are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining a great image for different sports teams and their players

Start a Sports Betting Website

Sports betting in the virtual environment is slowly but surely becoming an extremely lucrative business. For sports enthusiasts who love the game but are also knowledgeable about its inner workings, starting a wagering platform can be a great business opportunity. If you are interested in this idea, you will just need to consult a technology expert if you are not already abreast of the coding and specific software it takes to jumpstart a website.

Also, it’s a good idea to conduct research and analyze the current state of the market in whatever location you reside. In the U.S., online betting audiences have grown exponentially since the passage of important legislation approved the activity in recent years, especially in certain states like New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, and Michigan. For example, the Garden State is full of regulated betting platforms which offer specific New Jersey free bets and bonuses for both new and seasoned users.

Because of this, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that there will be some amount of competition in the industry, just like in any other market. However, if your website stands out from the rest and offers a wide variety of sports and promotions, there is a better chance it will reap a profit. Of course, before building the site, you will need to ensure it is completely legal to do so in your specific jurisdiction.

Become a Sports Photographer

A great way to get up close and personal to all the sports action is by becoming a sports photographer. Depending on your level of experience taking photos, you could be documenting professional or amateur athletes as they run across the field or score a game-winning goal. As you grow your portfolio, so will your business as others in the sports world begin to notice your talent.

Fans who love the game and snapping photos equally can take their passions to the next level by starting a sports photography business

Open up a Sports Pub or Restaurant

If you’re an entrepreneur who enjoys working in the hospitality or service industry, opening up a sports-themed bar or restaurant is a great way to merge a successful business model with your love of sports. Here, the most important thing is undoubtedly the sports atmosphere you are able to create inside as well as the food on the menu.

If you end up going with this idea, just remember to keep in mind all the legal requirements associated with running it. For example, restaurants need food permits and inspections before they are able to open.  

After you figure out those things, deck out your establishment with wide-viewing flat screens and sports memorabilia, and serve up classic bar food like veggie platters and chicken wings. Sports fans won’t be able to stay away.