Top Crowdfunding Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

By Guest Author | podcasts | January 11, 2021

There are numerous podcasts about crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a moderately young industry and most of the educational voices in the crowdfunding world are recording podcasts, and with the ease of making podcasts, many are being made every week.


Some of the top crowdfunding podcasts include the following. 

Funding the Dream

One podcast is Funding the Dream, which runs for 20 minutes detailing various aspects of crowdfunding. “The podcast explains how people can choose crowdfunding platforms, as well as how they can grow their audience,” says Anthony Miller, a tech writer at SolidEssay and ConfidentWriters. The podcast also elaborates on how people can get backing to facilitate the provision of donations. The podcast also unveils how businesses should be managed after crowdfunding has been achieved. It explains how a dream can be realized, where people can invest in their dream through crowdfunding. After realizing their dream and stabilizing their businesses, people can employ other individuals and ensure that their dream is realized with greater effect. The podcast also explains how a hobby can be converted into a business for profitability through crowdfunding.           

KickCast: The Podcast for Crowdfunding Projects

The KickCast podcast evaluates various cool crowdfunding projects, compares them, and rates them for the audience. The podcast helps the listeners in determining whether they should track, sack, or back popular crowdfunding projects. “Rather than trampling through numerous projects on various crowdfunding platforms, the listeners are asked to relax as the KickCast podcast does all this for them, pinpointing the most interesting and promising crowdfunding projects that are currently available,” explains David Cox, a business writer at BeeStudent and Paper-Research. KickCast offers the listener interesting content about the start-up scene and disruptive companies. The podcast does not focus on one given industry but rather deals with the enormity of innovation opportunities and for potential future start-up creative and founders like the listeners. Hence, the podcast is a viable source of crowdfunding ideas, and also a starting point for beginners.            

Remarkable Crowdfunding Podcast

The Remarkable Crowdfunding Podcast is created for entrepreneurs. The podcast takes listeners through strategies, techniques, and tips to link up with like-minded individuals to raise money for crowdfunding projects. The podcast is really good for entrepreneurs who have no idea of where to start when it comes to crowdfunding. The podcast features interviews with former and current entrepreneurs who have done projects on various platforms of crowdfunding such as Fundable, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Rally, and Crowdfunder, looking at why some podcasts receive a lot of donations while some fail. The podcast also explains what happens to fruitful crowdfunding projects after the crowdfunding process. The podcast also explains why some people opt to crowdfund, despite having the money for starting projects.   

Crowdfunding Revolution Podcast

In the Crowdfunding Revolution podcast, Doug Atkin, who is an analyst, investor, and senior industry executive explains how crowdfunding and technology are changing Wall Street. He canvases the US to seek an audience with imperative players in the sector. He discovers that there are new businesses based on crowdfunding. Doug is joined by leading experts in tech and financial industries where they discuss crowdfunding and analyze its impact on people’s lives as well as the global economy. The podcast indicates that few individuals are talking about equity crowdfunding, though these platforms were responsible for raising more than $100 million in 2019. Therefore, equity crowdfunding can work for listeners, and the listeners should consider equity crowdfunding. The podcast also shows how equity crowdfunding can work for listeners. The revolution in crowdfunding has been made to use technology and reach more than 28 million individuals every month. They have made use of YouTube, where a tech expert comes in handy in talking about crowdfunding, getting into the details of how crowdfunding is done, and how to successfully crowdfund. CrowdFunding Revolution interviews top and emerging personalities involved in crowdfunding, and entrepreneurs who tell their crowdfunding stories, as well as expert opinions on crowdfunding, advising people on what to do and what not to do when it comes to crowdfunding.

The above crowdfunding podcasts are invaluable resources for people who would like to learn more about crowdfunding. The identified podcasts are just a few as there are many podcasts about crowdfunding. These are free podcasts that can be freely accessed and downloaded. This list gives interested people fun podcasts, as most feature interviews with creators who have interesting stories and invaluable advice to share.

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