Top Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2021

By Guest Author | artificial intelligence | January 26, 2021

Artificial intelligence has not remained a new term in the global market. What once started with the idea of machines imitating human behavior has today completely changed the leading industries’ scenario. From education and healthcare to the supply chain and even entertainment, the latest artificial intelligence trends have successfully taken over every global sector of the market.


As per Gartner, the number of businesses using custom AI solutions grew to a whopping 270% in the past few years. However, we all know that change is the only constant in today’s digital and competitive era! Hence, it becomes crucial to know the future of AI in the global market. Well, that’s what our topic for today is!

In this blog, we will be discussing the top artificial intelligence trends that are all set to rule the year 2021. So, from robots to smart vehicles, explore everything about the latest AI trends here!

1. Smart Chips

Smart chips, or in other words, AI-driven chips, will be the first and foremost artificial intelligence trend for the year 2021. With the help of these AI-driven smart chips, the organizations would be able to boost their AI solutions’ performance. With the ability to quickly process the data, the smart chips will automate and enhance many AI applications like facial recognition systems, object detection apps, chatbots applications, and so on.  

Many leading companies like NVIDIA and Qualcomm have already started using AI-enabled chips in their gaming applications to improve the overall user-experience.  

2. AIOps

Another great artificial intelligence trend that is all set to transform the IT sector is AIOps. With the increase in the complexity of IT operations, AIOps has emerged as an effective tool for the industry! From analyzing millions of data, to quickly enhance the development process and even offering smart functionalities for better decisions, AIOps solutions is truly an excellent artificial intelligence trend that has got the brightest future amongst all the other AI trends. 

However, make sure to choose the right partner for your AIOps solution as it will impact the overall functioning and growth of your organization!

3. Robotic Process Automation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is yet another significant artificial intelligence trend that has been trending in the market for quite some time! From automating the mundane tasks, simplifying the complex human-tasks, and saving huge costs and time, RPA is one such artificial intelligence trend that has continuously benefited the global industries. Apart from the complex manufacturing industry, today, RPA has been extensively used in many banks and insurance agencies to automate and streamline their major operations. 

Additionally, RPA for inventory management has also been one of the most talked things right now amongst businesses. Read more about it here

4. NLP and ASR System

NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ASR(Automated Speech Recognition) systems are one of the kinds of smart AI applications that have been revolutionizing many businesses, specifically those who are directly related to the customers. NLP and ASR systems make use of smart functionalities to streamline and enhance the overall customer service process. They quickly analyze the user’s message and respond to them most appropriately.

In fact, with the advancement in NLP, it is predicted that the systems will even understand the true meaning of the messages and deliver better human-like responses. 

5. Self-driven Drones

With its huge success in the delivery sector, once again, the drone industry is all set to become one of the successful artificial intelligence trends for 2021. AI-powered drones today are extensively used in many of the leading businesses, including, but not limited to surveillance, delivery, inspections, and so on. 

But, talking about the future, these self-driven drones will be extensively used in security and delivery purposes, specifically during pandemic situations. In fact, with the integration of an HD camera, facial recognition system, and GPS tracker, the capabilities of these AI-powered drones could be enhanced seamlessly!

6. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are not a new term in the AI software development market. With the rise in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the use of chatbots became common amongst all businesses. However, future advances in AI and ML will further enhance the capabilities of these virtual assistants.

By the end of 2021, we would be able to see a fully automated scenario in the global market. Besides enhancing the customer services, the custom chatbot applications would even help the businesses in handling the complex calculations and in making better business decisions. When are you planning to implement a custom chatbot for your business?   

7. Cyber Defence

There is no denying the fact that with the growth in digitization, the concerns for cybersecurity have only increased. The use of better machines and software solutions results in more data generation, and the hackers use that same data to steal the private information of the users. 

However, the scenario will be different in the year 2021. Smart AI solutions would automatically provide us the complete details of the malicious accounts, and hence, the data theft could be stopped before it even happens. Furthermore, using the same technology, credit card theft could also be controlled, resulting in better shopping experiences for the users. All in all, we can say that cybersecurity will eventually fall and will no longer be the global trend for the upcoming years!

8. IoT & AI

Last but surely not least is AIoT. Now, some of you might be thinking that we have heard of IoT, we have heard of AI, but what exactly is this AIoT? Well, here’s the answer! AIoT, also referred to as ‘Artificial Intelligence of Things,’ is a completely new artificial intelligence trend set to bring many advanced opportunities for the business world. This particular technology will use the enormous amount of data generated by IoT devices and the smart analyzing power of AI to automate the business operations without any human interference completely.

With that, the businesses would create many advanced digital transformation strategies that would result in higher profits and fewer efforts. Leading companies like Oracle, Google, and Microsoft are already on their way to implement such artificial intelligence trends in businesses. 

Final Takeaway!

So, those were some of the amazing artificial intelligence trends that are all set to transform the business world in the year 2021 and beyond! To conclude, we can say that AI technology, since its inception, has always tried to transform businesses in the best way possible. Whether we talk about the amazing recommendations by Netflix and e-commerce stores or the talking robots in the manufacturing and research sectors, AI has never failed to amaze the customers. 

That’s why, it would always be interesting to know how far these artificial intelligence trends go to enhance the overall scenario of the global sector and to make the lives of common people more efficient. Although this would not be the first time, seeing all the top AI trends, it can be said that 2021 would be the perfect year for the advancement in AI. 

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash