Top 6 Tools for Creating Images for Social Media

By Guest Author | Social media | February 18, 2022

To reach a wider audience and garner more attention, why not take a photo and share it on social media? This is completely incorrect. Why? Because you’ll need to modify the photo, merge a couple of them into one, and make them more interesting and appealing. Only then can you expect people to pause and stare at your shot for a few moments due to its stunning composition, extra effects, and minor tweaks.


Take a look at these incredible tools that can help you create high-quality photographs for your social media pages.

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Don’t be fooled by our usage of the word “quality.” We’re not talking about megapixels or the quality of your camera. The overall quality of a photograph is determined by its composition, effects, element placement, optional typography, and other factors.

Images on social media should always be distinctive, high-resolution, and fresh. We recognize how difficult it is to stand out and get people’s attention with something distinctive, yet relevant and effective, in today’s world. Give people an interesting snapshot to look at for a few seconds.

However, there are several technologies that make making compelling social graphics a breeze. As a result, making advantage of those tools is critical, especially when there are a plethora of them available for free.

This article will provide you with a list of some of the top free social media picture creation tools.


Piktochart can help you generate infographics, reports, presentations, and prints, among other things. Piktochart has your back if you require high-quality infographics to visualize and explain a topic or a process.

To promote and advertise your product, you can utilize Piktochart presentation templates to build visually beautiful social media presentations. Take your data and share it with the world on social media in the form of comprehensive reports with eye-catching graphics.

Piktochart also allows you to create and share attractive and interesting posters that you can share on social media. Piktochart is also simple to use. Choose a template category, drag and drop your brand logo, and you’ll have a well-designed social media image that’s ready to be published and shared.


BeFunky is an all-in-one picture editor that’s ideal for generating social media images. With BeFunky’s batch editing functionality, you can quickly upload photographs, resize and crop them to fit your needs, and even edit numerous photos at once.

If you took a photo but didn’t like the background, you can use BeFunky to erase it and replace it with a transparent or solid-colored one. Freely transform your photographs into stunning paintings, collages, design templates, and access over a million free stock images and vector drawings.


Another photo editor you may use to make social media photos is Stencil. You can choose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and over 1,300 templates.

Consider using Stencil’s built-in database of over 100,000 quotations to rapidly generate an image quote to publish on social media. You’ll also be able to mix and match them with the template or background of your choice.

In terms of typography, you can use 3000+ Google fonts or upload bespoke fonts for your business. Before you share your photo with the world, you can use the “Live Preview”.


The most well-known of the tools mentioned is Canva. It has a lot of options for consumers, and you can make almost any image you want for social media with it.

Add photographs, mix them, apply effects and color optimization, insert text with custom type, experiment with colors, and make everything merge together into a great compositional image.

Canva is a free plan that includes 250,000+ free designs, hundreds of thousands of free stock pictures, and the ability to invite friends and coworkers to work on the same project. Monthly premium plans start at $12.99.

Whether you’re a newbie (hobbyist) or someone who wants to make professional photos, Canva has something for you.


Pablo is a free tool for making social networking photographs, and it’s perhaps the most straightforward of the bunch. It offers a simple layout, with a panel on the left containing over 600,000 free photos to choose from.

On the right side of the screen, there’s a panel with options for selecting the image size you want to export, a list of image effects, and a button for adding quotes, images, and your logo. Pablo only has six image layouts to choose from, which may be insufficient for some people.


Creating stunning and appealing images for social media like today was never easy with dozens of free and paid image editing tools.

Take a look at the several social media images tools we presented to you and check them out.

We promise you that at least one of these tools can change your life and make your job a whole lot easier. Improve the quality of your images in just a few simple steps.