Top 5 Social Media Channels for Paid Advertising

By Guest Author | advertising Social media | April 10, 2021

While one can avail of various digital marketing strategies, one that stands apart in bringing great outcomes from day one is- Social media marketing.


Since the initiation of social media, marketers have found a great medium that could greatly affect their advertising campaigns. More business houses have decided to enhance their presence to outshine their competitors and boost their growth.

However, it won’t make any sense if a brand starts marketing on almost every social media channel. What is required is to select the best options and then optimize them to promote and engage with your audience.

Criteria for Selecting the Right Social Media Channels

Before we begin, let’s recognize the criteria as to how to pick the most optimal and fruitful platforms for paid advertising for your business.

1. Find where your targeted audience lies: Learn insights about your audience such as their behavior pattern, their interests, kind of social media they use, why, and how they opt to stay on such channels.

Then, work hard and construct your presence in those specific spaces for better results.

2. Look for those channels related to the type of your content: If your marketing content mostly deals with the big picture or long content, then platforms such as YouTube, WordPress, etc. would be suitable.

However, if your content is short and easy to digest, then pick up Instagram for scrolling pictures and Twitter for short crisp tweets.

3. Choose limited number of channels: By mastering even the usage of mere 1-2 social media platforms, one can avail of exceptional business outcomes. FB and Instagram have billions of users. Enhancing your brand’s existence on such channels alone could be enough.

Hence, to make things easier, we have a put-in-depth guide to select the top social media channels for brand growth.

Top 5 Effective Social Media Channels for Paid advertising

1. Instagram

As Instagram boasts of about 1 billion, running attractive ads on this platform can be a game-changer for any marketer. Instagram ads are stories that a brand pays to advertise audiences’ Instagram feeds. They offer you the opportunity to build comprehensive marketing campaigns for brand awareness and quality conversions.

Moreover, Instagram is well integrated with Facebook Ads, which makes it easier to utilize various options available on Facebook such as campaign customization, varied formatting, and classified targeting proficiencies, which in turn is linked with Instagram’s quality engagement.

Because of its large user base, Instagram is highly popular for paid advertising, and it is used to run interactive ads in the form of photos, videos, carousels, stories, etc.

2. Twitter

Twitter has made it extremely easy for its users to learn about news, stories, and whatnot!  Especially when it comes to business, as Twitter allows us to interact with our targeted audience, build an online community, promote the brand and its products, etc.

Twitter is highly prevalent with today’s social media users, accounting for over 330 million. Various popular personalities have their presence on this platform. With such a high audience base, a business can effectively post striking posts, incorporating them with trendy hashtags for better visibility.

If you consider paid social media advertising as a part of your content marketing strategy, then Twitter should be a significant component. Furthermore, Twitter ads are elusive and are well integrated with organic content.  

3. LinkedIn

With over 740 million users, LinkedIn is a platform that is too valuable to be ignored. You can engage directly with your users in the scenario of B2B organization or even with B2C enterprises. A prominent feature of this platform is its advanced targeting options. Users can be targeted via their location, job name, industry, professional choices, etc. Since LinkedIn is known for providing accurate and up-to-date information, one can be fully assured that their ads focus on the most sustainable consumers.

It’s quite simple and swift for your agency to create and post your account list. This allows your marketers to target the persons listed with precision. Also, various type of ads such as sponsored content, video and text ads, carousels, mails, etc. present on LinkedIn possess their benefits, which make it possible for marketers to utilize them accordingly.

4. YouTube

Only behind Google as the most searched platform, YouTube has presented itself as a prime option for Top Fortune 100 companies for their brand promotion. YouTube has over 2 billion audiences and an average YouTube user spends almost 16 minutes daily, amounting to a great deal of traffic that can be left unexplored.

YouTube provides an ample number of opportunities for any business to utilize its static as well video ads. A few options include display ads, overlay ads, skippable or non-skippable ads, bumper ads, etc. This feature makes YouTube an ideal platform for both, B2B and B2C to target their audience resourcefully.

To learn how to engage with YouTube marketing constructively, one can enroll in a premium digital marketing institute, and benefit from prolific outcomes.   

5. Facebook

Enjoying a whopping 2.70 billion audience base, Facebook undoubtedly has marked its position to be one of the most popular social media channels. Hence, one can easily find any well-known personality or company’s presence on Facebook, which has enabled it to become a top platform for promotion campaigns.   

Facebook ads are most economical in comparison to some other social media channels. If you dive in with a clear and focused Facebook marketing strategy, you would be able to see reasonable outcomes in terms of cost.  

Furthermore, one can easily take a custom audience that converts like crazy and Facebook would help you to reach a similar audience that would be likely fascinated with your brand.


Advertising on social media has been regarded as the best form of online marketing. No other marketing strategy can drive quality traffic, which prompts your audience for a call to action from day one.

If optimized correctly, social media channels can be a great medium to help you associate with your audience and boost your company’s image. They incorporate great potential as users constantly log on to them and get exposed to a big chunk of business houses across the world.