Top 10 Apps for Students Who Like Travel: Organize Your Trip Wisely

By Guest Author | travel apps | November 14, 2020

Student years are the best period for traveling. Fortunately, modern students are aware of this and do not waste their time in vain. But many students may encounter various difficulties both in preparation for travel and during it. Why not use a smartphone to make your trip enjoyable and safe? It’s about apps that are perfect for students who love traveling.


Top 10 Applications That All Travelers Should Have

Today we will talk about 10 apps that are useful to you if you plan to go on a trip. However, are you already done with your academic tasks? If you are still in progress, but there is an upcoming trip, seeking help from the Best Writers Online whom you can find on the Online Writing Rating custom writing services review platform will be a wise decision. After finishing your academic tasks, you will be able to feel calm and satisfied on a trip, and here are the applications that will help you with some other trip-related issues:

— Search for favourable prices for accommodation and flights.
— Travel planner.
— Search for attractions, restaurants, and location information.
— Safety of your health and personal belongings.

These are the main directions of applications that will be useful to you when traveling. Let’s get started with the best apps of this year.

1.   Hopper

Students are always trying to find more favorable conditions for travel, and with this app, it becomes extremely simple. It will help to obtain information regarding airline tickets and hotel prices.

But in addition to this, you can take advantage of the extensive archive with the help of which it will be clear whether it is worth waiting for the lowest price or better to book immediately.

All you need to do is enter the destination, after which you will receive data with the dates for the cheapest and most expensive flights. Next, you will receive a recommendation from the application whether it is worth it to book a ticket immediately.

You can also adjust the price in such a way as to track its change without constant monitoring. If the price drops to the lowest mark, the app will notify you of this.

2. Foodspotter

This is an indispensable app for students who like to eat and share their restaurant experience on the Internet. This application will allow you to get acquainted with real reviews about restaurants and dishes.

Users actively share their impressions and if you are one of those who like this, then you can also be useful for other travelers. In the app, you can track dishes if you want to find a specific one at your destination. Of course, you can connect your Instagram with this application by specifying #foodspotting or see information on this tag.

3. Ask A Stranger

This app is great for those who want to find out information about the destination from local or real people, and not from sponsored publications on the Internet. To do this, you do not need to approach strangers but just use this application.

It is a Q&A service where you can quickly get an answer to your question. You can find information about the cheapest hotels, what you need to know about the city and so on.

But the main advantage is that you can make money by providing answers to other travelers. You will receive points which can then be monetized. So this is the must-have app of a modern travel student.

4. FlightRadar24

Sometimes information about flight delays arrives late when you are already at the airport. Such an app will help to learn about all transfers and flight delays in the first place.

All you need to do is enter the flight number in the application and then you will have all the detailed information. If there is a delay on this flight, the app will immediately notify you of this.

In addition to the main functions, it will be possible to track the movement of the aircraft in real-time and even get a 3D picture of what the pilot sees.

5. Prey Anti-Theft

Unfortunately, robberies during travels are always possible, so everyone needs to know how to protect themselves. This is especially true for students, as often they pay more attention to the environment than their own things.

The application will help protect your gadgets. You can track the movement of the gadget, block it remotely, erase the information, or vice versa to save it. Although this app can be useful to students not only during travel but also in everyday life.

6. Rome2rio

This app has long been popular with users who travel frequently. It has collected data from more than 160 countries. Therefore, you can probably find the necessary information about your destination.

The application will help you find the best options for your trip and even reduce costs. Also, there is a lot of useful information about attractions, entertainment and more.

7. PackPoint

It can be very difficult for students to pack their bags and not forget anything. Though this is faced not only by students but also by adults. If this is about you, then with this application you can forget about the experiences that you forgot something.

In this app, you can make a list of what you need to travel. You can enter the date, time, type of trip, and of course the destination. The app will help you generate a list of things that you may need. By the way, the application will check the weather and even recommend a set of things for you, for example, if you do not take an umbrella or a warm jacket.

8. An In Case of Emergency (ICE) App

When traveling, you need to be careful, so think about your safety from a medical point of view. This application allows you to collect all the important medical information in one place.

That is, it will be possible to save allergens, a blood group, and so on. Such an app can save your life in case of an emergency during travel.

9. Donkey Republic

It is great for those who travel to Europe, as it will help you quickly find a bike for rent. Users note that the bikes are in good condition, and making the reservation is simple.

When you open the app you will see where there are bikes near you. You will not need to meet people or companies. Everything can be done within the app, and you can make a payment via card. The main thing you need to know is that you will need Wi-Fi to unlock a bike.

10. Flush

This is an extraordinary application, but actually very necessary for everyone who goes on a trip. Sometimes it is very difficult to find a public toilet. And with this app, you can find a WC near you.

Moreover, you will receive information regarding whether the WC is paid, free, and accessible for persons with disabilities. Plus, users can leave feedback about each place.

It’s Time to Conclude

Now you know that with many apps you can make your trip better and safer. Choose the appropriate ones from the list and download it to your smartphone. Why not save on a flight if you just need to press a couple of buttons for this? Or why not get valuable information regarding the destination from locals or experienced tourists? A few clicks and your phone is full of valuable apps, and the journey promises to be safe and interesting!

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