Tips In Creating Reels For Educating Users

By Peter J. Walkers | Instagram Reels | April 2, 2021

In recent times, Instagram initiated its brand new feature called Instagram Reels. It would be best if you choose about the ultimate purpose of creating Reels for educating users where you can walk-through various tricks and methods.

By SARAH SMITH, Trollishly

You could start from Trollishly to develop your Instagram Reels profile. Here, you should prompt yourself with several queries like, What are Instagram Reels in post? How to make effective Reels? How do Instagram Reels support you in educating users? We would thoroughly explain every strategy. So keep reading this article. 

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a brand new feature that lets you shoot and make 15-sec video snippets. Start to establish music and various filters entertainingly and engagingly. These video clips can then be published directly on your Instagram stories and also into your page feed. The significant difference between the Reels and TikTok is that you need not share your video on more than one platform using Instagram Reels. You can shoot and modify complete 15-second videos and share them on your stories, search feed, and the Reels tab of your Instagram profile. When making a Reel, you can use music from the more extensive Instagram libraries or even use your audio content that appears as Original Audio. 

Introducing this new feature, they have also made a unique style of the Explore page called Reels Explore Feed. 

Features To Make Reels

Similar to Instagram Reels, there is a range of various features for you to use while making your Reels along with additional features. These are some of the features that you have got for you to use and what they perform.


If you need to establish a timer before recording, then this feature is perfect for you. When you use the timer option, there will be a countdown option before the recording begins. 


This feature permits you to speed up or slow down your Instagram videos. This option has speed rates of 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x times speed. 


Instagram provides a massive range of music options that you can use on your Reels; you can also use your customized audio effects, marked as Original Audio. Business profiles do not have access to this audio feature as they have got copyright. 


Similar to stories, you can make use of different effects and filters within for your reels. 

Tricks For Creating Instagram Reels For Educational Users

Using the effective algorithm, Reels gathers engagement that provides you access to new audiences to connect with your present followers. But the difference between a perfect Reel and a moderate one is education. Simply for 15 to 30 seconds, these video clips work on tutorials without long video clips. Here, we will discuss some tricks from a few of our content makers and Reel lovers. Reel enthusiasts like Christa, Matt Newman, and Allison Bornstein used this feature recently and started as an educational platform. 

1. Be Narrative

Matt Newman, NY city-based hairstylist and content maker, who gains about 15K followers within three months from using Reels, trusts that the best educational Reel is everything about the audience, not as an influencer. Say, for example, in Matt’s video to use the flatiron for volume, which excelled one million views; he shared his tricks step by step. 

2. First Three Seconds Works 

No user approves one or another when it comes to making 15-seconds versus 30-second Reels. Yet, if you need to get the audience halfway from your video, then the first three seconds need to be connecting your core concept. The essential factor is to have an engaging element. It means that the first one to two seconds has to be fascinating; if so, you can be visually grabbing or however speaking or writing on the screen. Use the climax first, and explain later. Say, for instance, Matt’s video shows a Dry shampoo trick that now has got over two million views; he expressed his trick within the first three-seconds, a video clip of spraying a brush using a dry shampoo. 

A perfect example from Christa Reels adds one where she did a monochromatic pink makeover look and the first three seconds show the result before sharing the step-by-step of how to accomplish the final look. 

3. Reuse & Recycle Also Try To Be Selective

Several TikTok users will recycle their content and use it on Reels, but the engagement is assured. Users receive a ton of motivation from TikTok, but they choose a particular post that TikToks are reposting on Instagram Reels. Few videos only make sense with the context and culture of TikTok, but others resonate over the platforms. For instance, a Reel from Christa got 241K views that showed her putting on her work from home methods. She takes you through the complete process, from pulling on her silk clothing established on her lipstick and glasses. 

4. Repost Your Videos

If you already have got a TikTok profile with its content, do not let it go to waste. Share your TikTok videos into Instagram reels to receive your video in front of your new audience. 

5. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Like hashtags, it is an essential feature on Instagram posts; they are also the primary key factor in receiving your Reels notice from the right people. If your educational college institution has got a hashtag for student content, assure you tag it in your reels. 

6. Take Campus Tour

Display your campus to the audience by making a quicker video of 15-seconds highlighting the perfect parts of your college. You can even make a series of videos covering various departments and areas. 

7. Highlight Student Stories

The best method to display the advantage of your college is by narrating real stories. Reach out to post-graduate and present students and prompt them if they would like to share their stories. You can ask them to shoot video snippets of their job with audio explaining their college journey to a career. You can even prompt students to share their on-campus or study from home experiences of a similar type. 

Points To Remember

In a nutshell, TikTok’s primary users are teenagers and younger people. Instagram has a broader reach as Instagram Reels utilizes the existing Instagram platforms, the video checks with current demographics, including older adults. It might prove more profitable than TikTok for accessing mature-aged students. Since Instagram Reels are fresh, it is relatively easy for the higher education space.