Thinking Like An Engineering Girl

By Tarmo Virki | June 15, 2016

Think Like a Girl startup is running a Kickstarter campaign to build engineering kits for empowering 6 to 12 years old girls to develop into problem-solvers of our world.

Engineering kits come with a subscription service that helps to inspire them to learn about engineering – focusing on science, art engineering and industries.

Founded by three female engineering students, Think Like a Girl also aims to be a community that encourages females to enter technical fields – a heavily gender-unbalanced place where only 14 percents of engineers are female in the United States.

“Think Like a Girl is more than just a business to us; we want our kits to empower the next generation of engineers. Together we can change what it means to ‘Think Like a Girl’,”co-founder Lexi Basantis told CoFounder Magazine.

Think Like A Girl was born after co-founder Gaby Rochino had struggled with her “Thermal-Fluid Sciences I and II” class in Rowan University’s mechanical engineering programme.


During her “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” class she wrote an elevator pitch for a new product. She used the difficulty she was facing during the junior year in the engineering programme, turned it around, and used it to inspire Think Like a Girl: Engineering Kits.

“Gabrielle Rochino draws like an artist, dreams like an entrepreneur, calculates like an engineer and thinks like a girl,” Rowan University page describes the founding force of the startup.

The pitch succeeded in competitions and in summer 2015 she was able to develop a team of engineering students to work on developing the idea into a real product and business, and the team has continued research into the content of the kits.

With additional reporting by Bac Le.