The right office temperature to increase productivity

By Guest Author | office | May 17, 2021

Every person that has worked in an office will be aware of the direct effect room temperature of the office has on employee productivity. It is suggested in most studies that the ideal temperature for optimum productivity is between 70 and 73 degrees F or between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius. If the office room temperature is hotter than this, things will become tough for the employees and workers.


Higher temperatures result in perspiration which can cause a lot of discomforts. A very cold room on the other hand can result in shivering thereby making it difficult to focus on work.

Hot or cold?

Although many employers working in an office prefer to shut down the office air conditioners just before the closing time to save on energy costs, it may be a better idea to take into consideration the overall wellbeing of employees to achieve better results at work. Some studies have observed that a significant drop in office temperature can develop a chilly environment. It also can make the workers more prone to making mistakes. It also costs the employers more because he has to pay more labor charges. Many employees will complain about the fingers getting numb with cold and things becoming difficult to type or write the reports.

When the surveyors set the digital thermostat for ideal room temperature, they were happy to find out that the typing errors fell by nearly 50% and the overall output increased by an unbelievable 150%. Increasing the room temperature to comfortable levels saves the employer $2 every hour per worker. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. has released regulations about ideal workplace humidity and temperature. They have advised the offices to maintain the room temperature between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity found inside offices can be between 20% to 60%.

Improvement Challenge

There is another challenge while setting up the right temperature within offices. Individual people have different thresholds for things they think are too hot or too cold. But everyone working in an office must aim for consensus as looking for a comfortable common temperature setting will help in achieving more productivity and boost the morale of the team. Even for people who are working from home, they will need to do the right adjustment in their home office in order to achieve the right temperature, if possible even carry out some home remodeling.

Here are some suggestions on how to improve your workplace’s temperature:

Talk about the temperature issue with everyone working in the room

Do not change the AC settings without informing everybody about it as this will not go unnoticed for long. Avoid any reasons for causing grudges or spite among the members of staff. Be open to discussion and communicate your opinions well. Arrive at a decision for the thermostat settings that will help everyone at work.

Make suitable adjustments according to the seasons

If the outside air becomes too cold or too hot you can think about adjusting your schedule for arriving at the workplace. See if you can provide a bit of a leeway or time allowance for providing the employees sufficient time to prepare and reach the office premises in good spirits.

Advocate proper attires for the officers

Encourage the members of your staff to dress up in layered outfits in case the office room temperature is always likely to be a bit too cold. You may also think about advocating lighter garments in case you have to work in slightly warmer surroundings.

Ensure that you perform a regular check-up of air conditioners and heaters

The regular check-up of your ACs and heater should be a non-negotiable task for every office place as there is a direct correlation between room temperature and the productivity of employees at work. There is little point in risking the breakdown of HVAC equipment in the middle of a working week. Having hot rooms means there will be hotter heads. A colder room on the other hand means a sluggish and sleepy staff.


If the HVAC equipment in your office needs servicing or professional attention, you need to get in touch with professional and experienced experts. They can help you in maintaining the productivity levels high by maintaining cooler heads and warm employee interactions. You can search online for suitable pros in your area. Keep in mind that having a too hot or too chilly workplace has a direct impact on the health of employees and it also affects the morale of the staff.