The Importance of Improving Your Business’ Website Design

By Guest Author | website | December 8, 2020

Your business’s website design does a lot of things that you might not know about. An attractive website does much more than look good. It can actually improve your business’s success.

If you doubt the importance of improving your business’s website design, learn about the following benefits. You will probably change your mind and start thinking of ways that you can improve your site soon.

A Responsive Design Can Improve Your SERP Ranking

You cannot disregard the importance of reaching the first page of SERP results. If you don’t get an SERP ranking that puts it on the first page, then 75% of people will never see your website.

For years, Google has been downgrading websites that don’t use responsive design. With responsive design, your website adapts to a visitor’s device. When someone visits your site on a desktop computer with a large screen, the design will spread out to take advantage of the space. When someone views your site from a smartphone with a small screen, the design will prioritize the most important elements to help people navigate your pages and find the information they want.

If you haven’t switched to responsive website design, do it now. You could see a better SERP ranking within a few weeks. As your ranking improves, your website should receive more traffic.

Website Design Can Affect How Long People Linger on Your Pages

Increasing traffic to your website only matters when people linger on your pages. The more time visitors spend on your site, the more money you can make from advertising and ecommerce. Obviously, you want to avoid a high bound rate. There’s more to it than that, though. You also want to extend the average time on page because it shows that people want to interact with your content.

Good website design can influence how long people spend on your site. If your website has navigation that makes it easy for visitors to find the information or products that they want, then they will stay on your site. If you have a complicated navigation menu that confuses people, then they will leave to find a better site.

Improving your navigation is just one design strategy that can help increase the average time spent on the page. Others include:

— Adding interactive elements that keep your visitors engaged.
— Publishing short paragraphs that make it easy for readers to browse content.
— Posting videos that deliver useful information in entertaining ways.
— Avoiding pop-ups unless they’re necessary.
— Including images of your products so people can see what they’re buying.
— Using the same colour scheme across your pages to keep visitors grounded.

You may need to create several versions of your website before you find the optimal design. Given the potential benefits, your time and effort are worth it.

A Better Website Design Converts More Visitors

People who use the internet know that they need to avoid scams that want to steal their credit card numbers, names, and other personal information. When shoppers stumble upon a site with a poor, amateurish design, they will navigate away quickly. Smart people don’t buy items from websites that look unprofessional.

An attractive website design increases confidence, making visitors more likely to buy items from your store. Shoppers spent about $211.5 billion online during the second quarter of 2020, accounting for 16.1% of retail sales. Without a superb design, you won’t have as many opportunities to benefit from those purchases.

Do you struggle to create website designs that will convert more visitors? You can improve your designs by collaborating with your team. Use a design and prototyping tool like UXPin that lets you collaborate in real-time. You can also send links to stakeholders who don’t have UXPin accounts. The links let them review your prototypes and send you helpful feedback.

As you learn more about the design features that people like, you will get better at making websites that convert more visitors.

Improving Your Website Design Can Make Adding Pages Easier

As your business grows, you will need to add more pages to your website. The task becomes much easier when you have a strong design across your entire site. Instead of building new pages, you can use your existing pages as a template for new content. Now, you’ve improved your brand recognition, grown your site, and saved time.

You can save even more time by creating a design system that stores all of your approved design elements. Instead of searching for the color scheme, icon, and text type that you used to make earlier pages, you simply consult the design system. Everything you need should be there. You just need to add products, blog posts, or other types of content that you want to share.


It’s easy to dismiss the importance of a business’s website design. Once you know the benefits, though, you can see why it makes sense to spend a little extra time developing a site that will impress visitors. In the long run, it could make your business more successful.