The Cost of Healthcare

By Guest Author | healthcare | March 29, 2021

It is part of human nature. Because of how expensive life can sometimes be, especially with food, rent, and taxes to pay, it can cause all sorts of worry when an unexpected cost comes along. Imagine an unforeseen medical emergency arose, and you were unsure how long you would be off of your feet. How would you cope? Would you have enough money to tide you over? These are just some of the questions asked in times of crisis.

Unexpected fees

There are any number of things that can be deemed an unexpected expense, whether it is house repairs, replacement of damaged items, or, more often than not, medical bills. In 2020, almost $3.6 trillion was spent on health care fees in the United States, which averages out to a simply staggering $11,000 per person. At one point, it was predicted by the Office of the Actuary that spending figures could have breached the $4 trillion mark, and in truth, it wasn’t that far away. Even looking towards 2028, it is believed that health spending could be in the region of $7 trillion, suggesting costs are starting to get out of control. But what about those who cannot afford it? In January 2020, almost 25 percent of Americans claimed they would delay receiving medical care because they were not sure they would be able to pay the bills due to skyrocketing prices. Sometimes, they cannot keep up with the insurance premiums, or some companies are unwilling to cover them due to other previous financial difficulties. To further illustrate the point, in 2018, 27.8 million Americans went without health insurance entirely, while a 2009 study indicated that roughly 45,000 Americans were dying each year due to a lack of health insurance coverage. With the USA being one of the most expensive countries for healthcare globally, it is a sorry state of affairs.

Is there any help?

With medical costs continuing to rise across the United States, many Americans have struggled with medical costs and ended up in debt because of it. However, there are more options as insurance brokers can provide alternatives to help avoid financial problems. You could join trade groups that can include you on their insurance, meaning that premiums will be reduced due to it being multiple people. Meslee Insurance can help here as they offer various options to help with medical bills, while their services also extend to other areas, such as home, life, and contents insurance. Just having someone to offer advice could be useful in the long run.


Life can be complicated sometimes, and all the added expenses make it that much more challenging. In many ways, it is how you find a solution and navigate these challenges that can make it worthwhile in the end. Try to negotiate if you can try and avoid overspending, and if all else fails, you could do worse than asking for advice. Asking a question does not hurt, and it might just save your life.