Taking the Doubt out of Fundraising – What is Getting in the Way?

By Guest Author | funding | June 9, 2021

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines fundraising as, “the organized activity of raising funds (as for an institution or political cause)”. But fundraising is not always as simple as it seems.


Though a lot of people make fundraising out as almost begging for money, the key to fundraising is actually making people believe in your cause. If you get people to have faith in your organisation, they will be much more likely to donate to your cause. It has often been said that no one will have faith in someone who has no belief in themself. The same goes for fundraising. You might be thinking that your organisation does not have the right members, public outlook, available funds, or location. Doubt is a part of a venture, but defeating that doubt is the key to success in any fundraising venture.

Defeating Self-Doubt

The first step to causing people to believe in your business is making them believe in you! And no one believes someone who has no belief in themselves. Why do you think world leaders gather the following that they do? Passion and belief is infectious, and it causes belief in people. If you do not believe that your venture will be successful, it is more than likely that the people you approach will sense that. If you start doubting yourself, try affirmations! Believe in yourself, and you will see the ripple affects in your organisation.

Julius Reynard, a project manager at OXEssays and Ukservicesreviews, said that, “The next potential step in defeating self-doubt and organisational doubt is actually making a change. This is called ‘breaking the cycle of inaction’. Doing the same thing year in and year out and expecting improved fundraising is the definition is insanity. Your results will not change unless your processes do.” I would suggest at the beginning of the year, sitting down and deciding what actions you are going to take this year which will change your results. My biggest piece of advice would be, if you do not try, you will not succeed; and if you do not ask, you will not get. Be bold! What is the worst that can happen? It might not work? Someone might say no? Defeat self-doubt by losing your inhibitions. Stop being afraid of being turned down.

Kayla Navarino, an accomplished business writer at Revieweal and Studydemic, commented that, “If you have not had a successful fundraising year, ask yourself, ‘have I asked for a specific amount?’, and ‘have I created opportunities for giving?’. Think about what is stopping you from asking for fundraising contributions. The majority of this is self-doubt.”

3 Tips for Crushing Your ‘Major Gift’ Raising Self-Doubt

As aforementioned, self-doubt is the biggest blockade of progress for fundraising organisations. Major gift contributions are what keeps fundraising organisations going, and if you do not have the confidence to ask for them and ‘shoot for the stars’ in a way, your organisation will suffer massively. Here are 3 easy steps to take on your journey to crushing fundraising self-doubt.

1. Ask yourself: What have I got to lose?:

As I mentioned earlier, you have literally nothing to lose other than a little bit of pride. When asking people for major gifts or even only regular fundraising, you need to have the confidence to simply just ask. What have you got to lose? Other than your pride getting hurt a little bit, nothing.

2. Think about the potential reward:

Think about what could happen if it works! It is worth the risk of possibly being turned down if the possible upside could be so successful. It could potentially be so incredible to get a major gift or new contributor to your organisation, and it is worth the risk.

3. Why not you?:

Think about your fundraising goals, and think ‘why not me?’ What is stopping you? Why should your organisation not succeed? Be confident in yourself and have faith in your own abilities! There is nothing stopping you other than your own self-doubt.

Hopefully, these top tips will allow you to conquer your initial self-doubt and increase your general and major gift fundraising. The only thing standing in your way is yourself! Stop being afraid of a little bit of hurt pride, or a small stint of failure. Believe in yourself, and people will start to believe in your fundraising organisation.

Lauren Groff is a business development manager and online article writer at Best writing services and Assignment services. She has a husband of 10 years, and 3 rambunctious kids; all of which she learns more from every day. She also writes for Academized Review.