Startup Marketing- How A Mascot Can Boost Your Presence

By Guest Author | marketing | July 16, 2021

When you launch a startup, the road to becoming a brand often appears long and daunting. But you have to tread along because reach and recognition are essential for sustenance and growth. At this stage, the right marketing strategies can set you up for success. You need ones that extend your outreach without burning a hole in your wallet. At the same time, they must have an engagement value to hook the audience. Mascot marketing wins on all these fronts. Mascots are an excellent investment because they connect with your target audience and increase the brand identity of a new business. Let us explain how they can take startup marketing a notch higher.

Enhance customer engagement

Startup marketing hinges mainly on customer engagement as it is vital for new brands that are yet to build an audience. Mascots are great for engaging the audience because they are more likely to connect and remember them even later. You can do more with less by marketing a mascot across multiple platforms. Display it at company exhibitions, industry events, and even online meets and you are all set for broader visibility and reach. You can also showcase it at your physical location to grow your public presence.

Symbolize the spirit of your startup

When you just enter the business landscape, you have to think beyond selling and making profits. It is equally important to build affinity with the audience and credibility in the industry. The best way to achieve these goals is by highlighting the values and vision of your company. A mascot can help as it symbolizes the spirit of your company. Invest in a design that connects closely with your brand’s soul and appeals to your target audience. Once you have a design ready, you can order a Custom Mascot Costume that replicates it. Just a small expense gets you on the right track to win the marketing game. There couldn’t be a better marketing strategy for startups running on tight budgets.

Serves as a long-term asset

Startups require a long-term perspective when it comes to marketing. You need strategies that get you visibility right now but fuel your branding plan for the long run. A mascot can do both because it can attract attention and build a connection with the audience. Modern businesses thrive on emotional connections, and mascots excel at creating them with adults and kids alike. You only need to invest once in designing a company mascot, and you have an asset for a lifetime. It replicates your brand’s identity across the entire marketing channel. With a mascot, you have a compelling startup story that the audience remembers today and in the future.

It goes without saying that a brand mascot can work as a catalyst for startups. It can extend the visibility, reach, and credibility of your business. Think of it as a branding asset rather than only a marketing tactic. Invest in a creative design that replicates your spirit, and you can make a real impact on the audience.

Cover photo by Leqi Wang on Unsplash