Slush 2021 is happening!

By Tarmo Virki | Nordics | August 30, 2021

After a year’s hiatus, Slush will host an in-person startup event in Helsinki on December 1–2, 2021!

The target has set to match 3,200 startup founders and operators with 1,500 investors are expected to join Slush, with 8,000 attendees in total.

In 2020, Slush built an online platform for matchmaking, Node by Slush, and kept working on Soaked by Slush, a startup media founded in 2019. Even though Slush’s year of 2020 ended up being successful, the main event still remains the crown jewel of Slush. Now, the transition back to normal is on its way, and this time around, changes to the main event need to be made in order to arrange it safely and successfully. 

“We will make sure that Slush 2021 is safe for our visitors. As we are planning the health safety measures, we want to protect the things that make the event special. Slush is built around meaningful in-person encounters and stumbling across opportunities: these are things we can’t fully achieve in the remote world. We encourage our visitors to commit to the health measures like we do to achieve a safe Slush experience that still feels like Slush”, says Miika Huttunen, CEO of Slush. 

This year’s theme is built around the new age of entrepreneurship: the entrepreneurial renaissance. Slush 2021 will spark a discussion on how entrepreneurship should change. In practice, the program aims to give founders the tools to tackle the most critical challenges of our time. As a new addition to the program, Slush brings out Builder’s Studio, a concept where people behind startups show how an excellent startup is built – over the course of 15 hours. 

“There is a clear demand for face-to-face interaction in the startup world. It might seem that we are more connected than ever, but the truth is, some things can’t be achieved remotely. Sharing the highs and lows with peers, getting and giving advice, and having serendipitous meetings are essential for every founder’s journey. Slush creates an environment where these things will happen, under one roof for two days.”

Miikka Huttunen, Slush CEO