Six Essential Power Tools For Garden Maintenance

By Guest Author | gardening | November 29, 2021

Your garden needs maintenance all year round, not just in the warmer months. You need to stay on top of the lawn, weeds, hedges and much more. Power tools will make gardening much more efficient in the winter months. You can maintain the garden and make it back inside before the sun sets. 

You need tools for landscaping, cutting, cleaning, and planting. Power tools can streamline gardening and produce much better outcomes. Instead of spending hours cutting the hedge, you can slice through the branches in minutes with a hedge trimmer. Power tools are incredibly useful and can make even the most labour tensive chores easy. Buy a few cordless landscape gardening tools to keep your garden looking its best all year round. 

Here are six essential power tools to get your collection started. 


The most basic garden power tool is a lawnmower. You can use the lawnmower to trim the grass and stop it from turning into a wild meadow. You should only use your lawnmower in the warmer months. Cutting your grass in the winter can damage the lawn and your lawnmower. 

Brush cutter

A brush cutter can cut back thicker vegetation and any overgrown grass. For example, if you have just moved into a new property, you could use a brush cutter to tackle the overgrown garden. There might be branches, rubbish and leaves collected in the knotted grass.

Edge trimmer

An edge trimmer will keep the edges of your lawn neat and tidy. You can cut back weeds and keep a straight edge on your lawn.


You might need to cut back some thick branches in your garden. A chainsaw can slice through any thicker tree branches. Just make sure to use the chainsaw safely and responsibly. You should wear the appropriate PPE and read the instruction manual before use. 

The hedge trimmer

A hedge trimmer will trim any stray branches and keep your hedges in tip-top shape. You can create shapes with the trimmer or stick to a traditional hedge look. You can buy double-sided and single-sided hedge trimmers. 

Leaf blower

Autumn leaves can quickly become a gardener’s worst nightmare. They get stuck in the grass and clutter your flower beds. It would help if you had a leaf blower to remove the leaves from your garden. The vacuum will pick up the leaves and pulverise them to around 90% of their original volume. You can even add them to your compost bin. 

It’s time to invest in some high-quality gardening tools for your outdoor space. You can maintain your garden throughout the year without much effort at all.  Start your power tool collection with these essential devices.