Ridesharing Accidents: How To Get The Compensation You Deserve

By Guest Author | legal ridesharing | November 25, 2020

Ridesharing services are more popular than ever because of the immense convenience and cost-savings they offer. You know how easy it gets to commute when you need not worry about the hassles of driving and parking. But the upsurge of these services has brought a corresponding uptick in ridesharing car accidents as well. The risk runs high for passengers, pedestrians, and drivers of other vehicles alike. While the injuries may be similar to any other car crash, victims need to understand that they are often pitted against a ridesharing company rather than an individual driver. So you need to be extra conscious about your rights when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve.

Common causes of ridesharing accidents

Before delving deeper into compensation claims for ridesharing mishaps, it is important to know about the probable causes in the first place. Like other road accidents, ridesharing crashes can happen due to an array of reasons. Still, some causes are more likely to lead to these mishaps. Cab drivers often have to rely on their GPS software for navigating unknown areas, which elevates the risk of mishaps due to distraction.

Fatigue is another possible cause, as these drivers are pressed to work long or late hours to make more money. Lack of driving skills and flouting of traffic norms could also lead to mishaps. Whatever the cause may be, you deserve to be compensated if injured due to a cab driver’s negligence.

Understanding the fault

When a ridesharing mishap happens, you will have to start by understanding the fault and establishing the liability for the damages. Determining liability in such cases can be complex because the guilty driver is at work, so there is a question of the cab company being liable as well. Things can get even more complicated when you are sharing the ride with other passengers, or the accident involves pedestrians or other drivers because these victims will also file claims.

According to top-level car accident lawyers, it always makes sense to prove the company’s liability because the compensation value runs high as compared to the amount you will get by incriminating the driver. However, ridesharing companies would do their best to take the blame off themselves. Fortunately, a seasoned attorney with the relevant experience can help you maximize the claim value, regardless of the liability for the crash.

Determining the compensation value

If you are struggling with injuries and loss of property after a ridesharing accident, you should file for a compensation value that you rightfully deserve. Unless you have a clear idea about what the claim is worth, you may be left with massive bills that should not be your responsibility. Like any other car accident claim, the compensation should typically include the following:

— Medical costs, both current and future
— Lost wages, both current and future
— Emotional pain and trauma
— Household modifications to cope with a disability
— Loss of enjoyment

The compensation value may differ from person to person, based on the injuries and circumstances of the mishap. An experienced attorney can help you calculate an accurate value that has you adequately covered for the suffering and financial losses caused by the mishap. According to this URL, the sooner you associate with a personal injury lawyer, the better you will be able to focus on your recovery without having to worry about compensations.

Ensuring that you get a valid claim

Big ridesharing companies are likely to pay out the least amount in compensation for accident victims. Since accidents are a common aspect of business operations for them, they have strong legal teams to handle litigation. As a victim, settling the dispute on your own should be the last thing you should do because they would convince you for a lowball settlement.

Moreover, things can get complicated as you may have to deal with the insurance companies of both the driver and the rideshare company. The best option is to hire an expert car accident lawyer to handle your case and ensure that you get the highest possible compensation value. They can manage the settlement out of the court or even file a lawsuit if they are not convinced with the settlement value.

With ridesharing accidents on the rise, commuters and the general public need to be aware of the legal implications. Since the company can be held responsible for the reckless behavior of their employee (driver), victims should go after the company rather than the driver. It ensures a higher compensation value that offers complete coverage for the damages. Hiring a specialist car accident attorney can put your case on the right track so that you can rest assured about getting the claim value you deserve.