Remote social media management firm Postoplan raises $550,000

By Tarmo Virki | funding Social media | February 22, 2021

Postoplan, a social media management app, which is built by remote staff in 9 countries raised $550,000 and said it plans to use the capital to develop its product and expand to new markets.

And the remote team could also go offline this year. Not literally — they plan to open its first analogue office either in the United States or Europe.

Like numerous other solutions, Postoplan allows users to create, schedule, and promote content since its launch in late 2019. Postoplan is used by more than 30,000 specialists and companies from 147 countries around the world,

Postoplan says it’s different from rival offerings as it lets users yo to add and manage an unlimited number of social media or instant messenger accounts, and it is the only online service in the world to accomplish the difficult task of making scheduled messages on WhatsApp possible.

Postoplan raised the funding round from leaders of Bolt, TMT Investments, Insta Ventures, and the Startup Wise Guys fund.

In addition to the plan of opening the offline office, the company plans to use the funds raised to create new automation solutions, improve customer experience, and enter new markets.

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