Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Automated Packaging

By Ella Woodward | packaging | March 2, 2022

Whether your business is a start-up or well established, all are slaves to consumer demand and customer needs. To be successful and stay on top of the market for their services or products, businesses constantly must devise and implement innovative ways to hit deadlines and stay one step ahead of their competitors.  

An effective way that businesses can do this is by automating their warehouse processes one by one to increase business output. One process your business will benefit from automating is your packaging process by investing in loading automation such as tray loading or carton loading.

Doing so boasts many business benefits and will help your workforce keep up with the volume of current or new orders plus the increasing demand for your products/services. This article outlines several reasons your business should consider investing in automated packaging to help settle any doubts and highlight how automation could revolutionize your business’s packaging process. 

Cut’s Back On Labour Costs 

If your business is still relying on manual packing methods, making the switch to an automated system can save you wasted time and money on the cost of labour. Not only does manual labour drain business funds with wages, but hidden costs such as high-turnover rates and injury claims can also add to the overall costs. 

However, investing in and implementing automatic packing systems like tray loading and carton loading can drastically cut labour costs. The machines will take care of the routine, repetitive jobs that employees are usually tasked with and allow management to allocate that labour into other business areas that need it. 

More Cost-Effective For Businesses 

Arguably, one of the main reasons businesses are reluctant to implement automated packaging systems is the investment costs. However, companies fail to realise that the amount of money automation saves annually makes up for the initial investment costs. 

Companies can save a considerable amount of money yearly by not hiring people for the packaging process, as labour costs are one of the highest costs for businesses due to everything encompassed within the price. From salaries, annual wages, social security, and worker’s compensation – a lot is factored into the overall cost of labour for companies which machinery can effectively cut down on. 

If you’d like to learn more about how automating your packaging process could help save your business money, consider contacting companies such as BluePrint Automation which specialise in a range of innovative automated packaging solutions from tray loaders to carton loading. Contact a team member today for more information about how their packaging solutions could help take your business’s packaging process to the next level. 

Reduces Errors 

Despite however many precautions a business puts into place, the scope for error is always there, and unfortunately, in industry, most mistakes are made through human error. But by automating the packing process, businesses can minimise the risk of mistakes since a machine will continue to do repetitive, routine jobs with consistency and accuracy no matter what. 

Whereas humans can quickly tire, become distracted or even contract an illness that can prevent them from working to their full potential or cause them to make an error. Automation effectively minimises the scope for mistakes, which helps businesses meet targets quicker and increase their output. 

Protects Your Employees 

Making the switch to automated business processes can not only provide the business with benefits, but it can also help the wellbeing and safety of your employees. Despite how many safety measures and precautions a business puts in place, a workplace is a prime target for injuries, especially when in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment like a warehouse.

Even minor injuries such as back pain, repetitive strain injury, and carpal tunnel can cause issues for employees over time and cost the business money if time off is taken. In contrast, this can all be eliminated by implementing an automated system.