Planning the Perfect Hen Party

By Guest Author | party | July 6, 2021

If you’ve been assigned the task of planning a hen party, you’d be forgiven for feeling slightly anxious. After all, the hen party represents the last event of official singledom, and it’s crucial you get it right. So how can you plan the perfect party and ensure everything goes without a hitch?


The first step is to discuss with the bride what she would like to include in the party. There’s no point organizing an adrenaline-fuelled day full of activities and action if she wants a day of spa and massage. You can get an idea of what she likes and still keep the specifics of the party a secret. Ask her if she wants an evening event, daytime, or both. She may even want to make a weekend of it, so chat about budget and location. You should also ask her who she would like to attend and check if there are any people she doesn’t want there. You should also agree on a date.

Invitations and help

As soon as you have a date in mind, you should send invitations even if all the details aren’t booked yet; getting an idea of numbers will help when booking things like hotel rooms, venues, and services. You can always update the specific details with the second round of invitations once everything is secured.

Enlisting help in planning is one helpful way to help take the pressure off you. Ask some trusted mutual friends to help organize individual parts of the party. Perhaps have a meeting and get all ideas on paper and ask for volunteers to assist. Maybe set up a Whatsapp or Facebook group for effortless communication.


Depending on the type of party, accommodation should be booked as soon as possible to avoid lack of availability. You could book a big house through Airbnb and choose a separate venue for the party. This will allow those who don’t want to stay to travel to the venue and return home after the event.

Self-catering is by far the cheapest option for catering; however, given that it is a special occasion, you may consider searching up bartending service Denver that can offer a responsible and professional drinks service for your event. One less thing for you to worry about.

If you are staying at a hotel, you may be able to do a deal for buffet food during the party. They may also offer a discounted rate if you add breakfast and an evening meal the following day.


Planning the hen party activities is fun, and there are lots of ideas for fun-packed days and evenings. If the bride has asked for the hen do to be relaxed to prepare for the wedding day, investigate local spa activities and treatments. Many salons offer hen party packages that include massages, pedicures, manicures, and facials; compare prices for the best deal. Some hotels have spas on-site and provide special rates if included in the whole accommodation package.

For evening entertainment, why not hire a DJ to play all the bride’s favourite songs allowing you to sing and dance the night away and make perfect memories to look back upon.

With the right team and planning, you can be confident that the hen party will be fun, relaxing, and enjoyed by all.