Old School Marketing Strategies to Bring Back

By Guest Author | marketing | May 31, 2021

These days, there is so much focus on digital marketing that it seems that brands forget about just how effective old-school marketing strategies can be. While social media marketing, SEO, content marketing and influencer marketing can all be highly effective and are worthwhile, there are a few more traditional strategies that you should not overlook and you might be surprised at just how effective they still are.

Why Offline Works

Offline marketing can help to raise awareness in the local community, build relationships and provide people with something tangible, which is often more memorable. Additionally, offline marketing can complement and even boost your digital marketing as well as allow you to reach those that are not online (many young consumers are turning away from social media in today’s day and age). So, what old-school marketing strategies are worthwhile?


Flyers are one of the most effective marketing strategies because it allows you to get your business’ name and products/services literally in the hands of potential customers and providing something tangible can be much more memorable than something on a screen.

Business Cards

Similarly, business cards can be highly effective and easy to distribute while networking – they can also direct people towards your company website. There is a certain art to business card design, so you will want to make sure that you get this right to benefit from this old-school yet highly effective form of marketing.

Event Marketing

In order to really make an impression on your target customer, you will ideally want to meet them face-to-face and in a real-life scenario. This is why event marketing is so effective as it allows you to connect and engage with people, which will always have a bigger impact than an online message. Hosting events is always worthwhile and can help to create a strong bond between consumers and your business.

Branded Items

Branded items are a smart promotional tool as not only does everyone love a freebie, but they can actually help to further increase brand awareness as the individual will then essentially be promoting your business for free. Branded t-shirts, hats, buttons, pens and mugs are just a few ideas and all items that could make a big difference.

Coupons & Discounts

Everyone loves a good coupon that would allow them to save some money. Coupons are another effective old-school marketing strategy that can encourage people to take a chance on your brand – it is then a case of winning them over with a high-quality product/service and excellent customer service.

Digital marketing is highly effective and certainly important, but businesses should not overlook more traditional forms of marketing which can work very well and help businesses to thrive both online and offline.