Nordic edtech founders launch co-operation forum N8

By Tarmo Virki | edtech | January 24, 2018

Founders from Nordic EdTech companies – including global hotshots Kahoot!, Claned and Lightneer – have teamed up to launch the cooperative network N8 with the aim to jointly tap into the Nordic’s global leadership in the education field.

The Nordic EdTech Forum – N8 – brings together founders of education innovation companies and EdTech promoters that significantly impact the education landscape from 8 northern European countries: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. 

The main aim of the informal organisation is to offer a platform for sharing experience and information, and to support its members.

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

The education system of the Nordics, especially Finland, is mentioned globally as uniquely successful, as something other countries should follow.

“The EdTech founders have many common interests. Most of the people joining the forum are crazy enough to believe they can change the world,” said Märt Aro, one of the founding members of the forum and co-founder of DreamApply. Aro and Ernests Jenavs, Founder of Edurio, decided to establish N8 in summer 2016. 

“The forum could help the startups to innovate together. What we have got here is a market of 30+ million people, and it is the best market to innovate in the education field due to the high expectations for the learning experience of kids,” added Aro.

On a more detailed level, Aro mentions that N8 is preparing to organise a joint event for Nordic EdTech founders to envision the future of innovation in education together.

The organisation also has plans to set up cooperation across the globe for applying information from Nordic success factors in the wider world. Already, N8 member Peter Vesterbacka is organising a high-level visit to India in the second half of February, Stuart Patton, Advisor of N8, is visiting Japan, and Märt Aro is speaking at conferences in Turkey and Dubai to establish tighter connections in the MENA region.

All EdTech founders from the region are welcomed to join. Please find the N8 group on Facebook and respond to three simple prompts to be evaluated by the existing members: give a short introduction of your EdTech company, how you would like to contribute to the forum from your side, and how you would expect the N8 members to support you. Each applicant will need at least two existing members to vouch for them to be accepted.