New CoFounder: Slush again

By Tarmo Virki | Slush | November 30, 2017

Issue No 10 is a landmark for us – just as it would surely be for any other media.

At a hefty 136 pages, it’s a package to digest. To make it easier, we have put into this one package a number of smaller packages for you. To make carrying the magazine easier for you, it is also available for Apple and Android devices.

“This is like the Rolling Stone magazine,” a few early readers have already said, looking at the cover of the issue. In addition to Gary Vee we are also running hard-hitting interviews with Noah Raford and Taizo Son, we have included reviews of all the finalists of the Slush100 competition, and we take a deep look into the digital health industry.

There’s a surprising amount of digital activity going on with this issue, given our “analogue first” approach. We are also working on launching CoFounder podcasts at last – they have been in works for months and we have a great catalogue of interviews ready for the podcast launch.

Together with The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät), we have published a smaller section in Finnish at the back of the magazine (flip the magazine over to take a look!) and inside we took a deep-dive into the Latvian ecosystem in a section that we produced together with LIAA, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

Alise Semjonova, cofounder of Infogram, put it nicely when she said in her interview that a startup ecosystem is a living organism and we are all responsible for being part of it.

We are happy to take the part of Rolling Stones 😉