Moving To The USA To Start A Business: 9 Things You Should Do 

By Ella Woodward | USA | March 14, 2022

America can be an excellent place to start a business. It is a land of enormous potential and some of the brightest minds in the world. You should carefully consider your reasons for moving and ensure you know what you’re getting into with any move overseas. Do your homework and understand the area you will be moving to and how it will impact the success of your business.  

You will need suitable accommodation when you arrive and the correct visas. Ensure your business planning and strategies are strong and know the market you’re moving into inside and out.  

Decide Where To Base Your Business 

Consider the options for where to start your business. Look at multiple states and understand the taxes you will pay. Ensure it is a place you want to live potentially in the long term.  

Make A Business Plan 

Create a thorough business plan. Include the finances for your business, what you plan to sell, how it will be structured and all the permits and other documentation needed. Choose a business model that will thrive in the US and ensure demand for your service.  

Understand Local Laws And Regulations 

Research local and federal laws and regulations for businesses thoroughly. Understand how these will impact your business. Get advice from a lawyer to ensure your business proposals align with US law. Comply with local best practices and observe local companies to see how you can improve.  

Hire Local Talent 

Hire local employees to give you insider local knowledge. Be discerning when reviewing applicants. Offer a competitive salary and benefits to attract the best talent.  

Consider The Type Of Visa You Need 

Ensure you have the correct visa before bringing your business to the US. Research the different options to find the best fit. Research immigration lawyers in the state you are launching your company for help navigating the complex visa process. An E-2 visa work authorization can be an excellent option for overseas entrepreneurs. Choose a reputable firm like Farmer Law PC to simplify the process and boost your chances of quick approval.  

Launch A Strong Marketing Campaign 

Use marketing to get your business seen. Combine traditional marketing and digital marketing. Invest in billboards, ads in the newspaper, radio, and TV ads. Utilize digital marketing to expand your reach further. Create social media profiles for your business on all the major platforms and create regular, engaging content for your followers.  

Find Suitable Accommodation In America 

Choose your accommodation before you make the move. Ensure it is suitable for your needs and near to your business headquarters. Consider hotel accommodation initially while you get to know the area you are residing.  

Register Your Business 

Incorporate your business by registering it. Registration processes vary state by state, so understand the process of your specific state.  

Secure Appropriate Funding 

Ensure you have appropriate funding to finance your business in the crucial first months. Consider bank loans and credit or personal savings to fund your operations. Look into grants from the local government to encourage international businesses to their area.