Moon Magic: Ethical Jewelry Brand for the Minimalist

By Guest Author | jewelry | March 26, 2021

Moon Magic is one of the leading online jewelry brands. This amazing company doesn’t solely focus on making their customers look good. Instead, Moon Magic also focuses on doing good. The founders of this amazing brand made it their priority to not only bring beautiful and affordable jewelry pieces to their customers but they also try to give back as much as possible.

Here, we’ll explore this amazing jewelry brand a bit deeper, see who they are, what they stand for and what exactly makes their jewelry so special.

The message behind the brand

Moon Magic is a relatively new business founded back in 2016 by two friends who wanted to change the jewelry industry. As they believe, everyone should be able to afford not only beautiful and high-quality jewelry pieces, but a bit of personal magic as well. The somewhat old-fashioned and outdated approach to making and selling jewelry undoubtedly needed a breath of fresh air and that’s when Moon Magic came into the picture. From a small private business, Moon Magic grew into a business that employs more than 50 people and has managed to grow quite an astounding online following. To learn more about MoonMagic feel free to check their website and get behind the amazing principles they stand for.

The best that nature has to offer

At Moon Magic, they only choose the best quality gemstones that nature has to offer. That being said, however, they also strongly believe that everyone should be able to wear high-quality jewelry. That’s why they make it their priority to not only make stunning jewelry pieces but also make them more affordable. By choosing only the top-quality natural gemstones, Moon Magic ensures that the entire process of creating their jewelry is as sustainable as possible. By going exclusively with ethically sourced gemstones, Moon Magic guarantees that every single piece of their jewelry is 100% conflict free.

Accessibility is not just commodity

The fact that Moon Magic chooses to conduct their business online exclusively doesn’t have anything to do with following trends. Instead, they’ve recognized that this way of running a business is more eco-conscious and environmentally-friendly. By cutting out the unnecessary brick-and-mortar objects out of the equation, they’re not only lowering their overall expenses – which allows them to put more resources into their business. They’re also significantly reducing the unnecessary carbon footprint, which can’t be said for a lot of other companies.

The importance of giving back

Amazing, beautifully-crafted jewelry pieces that are ethically sourced and well-crafted is not the only reason to look more into this amazing brand. Instead, the fact that they’ve made it their priority to give back to nature is more than worth mentioning. According to the founders of Moon Magic, they make it their priority to plant a tree for every piece of jewelry sold. This doesn’t only contribute to rebuilding our planet but it also significantly helps fight the growing negative effects of deforestation. Collaborating with their charity partner – Trees for the Future – Moon Magic has already planted well over 347.000 trees. And, thanks to their satisfied customers, this number is growing exponentially with each passing day.

So, if you are looking for that perfect gift for a special someone or you simply want to treat yourself with a fine piece of jewelry, you need to look no further than this amazing brand. By getting a piece of their magical jewelry you’ll not only treat yourself to something special – you can also rest assured knowing that the money you’ve spent will go towards a very special cause.