Innovation and Future Trends in the Cosmetics Industry

By Guest Author | cosmetics innovation | March 25, 2021

Scientists in the field of cosmetology have always been trying to push the limits of ordinary skincare routines and advance the methods and applications of certain beautifying and caring products. Not only with the products, but there has been an intriguing battle amongst numerous cosmetic companies on innovating and implementing various technological amenities in perfecting skin’s elasticity, beauty, glow, and health. But what exactly are those innovation techniques, trends, and achievements that forecast magnificently advancements in the cosmetic industry? Read on to find out.

1. Tactful devices that monitor skin’s hydration level

Most women struggle to keep their skin adequately hydrated, thus healthy and glowing, so it’s no wonder that the Swedish company Foreo launched an innovative device that can monitor skin’s hydration levels. Sounds rather impossible, but according to their scientist, it’s utterly plausible. This beauty device Luna Fofo enables consumers to measure and monitor skin hydration levels and gather data so you are always fully aware hoe dry or hydrated your skin is. According to this cutting-edge device, you would know which product and how often to apply it.

2. All-natural approach to a skincare routine

Other companies have come up with another ingenious idea to dwell upon skin-related issues naturally. Experts at Herbal Dynamics Beauty, for instance, have implemented the power of only plant-based ingredients and extracts into their products to deliver fantastic skincare results. The innovative approach of this cosmetics brand is to deliver products that contain nature-inspired ingredients like hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, many nourishing vitamins, all maximally sulfate, paraben, and phthalate-free. You can easily check out the Herbal Dynamics Beauty site to find out more about those marvelous products.

3. The synergy between technology & nature

With an abundance of high-tech digital advancements, cosmetics industries have been trying to discover an effective product that will boost skin’s energy deep inside the skin cells. This groundbreaking futuristic approach to skincare routine has been designed by Japanese company Shiseido. They have tried to combine the best of nature with the best of technology to create an Active Response Powder which contains ReNeura+ technology and botanical ingredients such as Japanese Ashitaba extract that together help skin regenerate itself. 

4. Cutting-edge DNA cosmetics

One rather avant-garde futuristic approach focuses on creating personalized skincare products. The idea might sound too bland, but the company aims to allow consumers to test the current quality of their skin prior to generating an accustomed skincare routine that will be utterly based on genetic activity. One such product is EpigenCare’s SKINTELLI which will in the future help minimize trial-and-error purchasing and allow consumers to exactly know which product to use according to their skin.

5. Eco-conscious products

In this modern-day and age, pollution represents an enormous problem to the environment plus active pollutants keep damaging our skin. Having that in mind, beauty retailers like Sephora have been trying to come up with a ravishingly innovative pilot recycling program. Their aim is to beneficially reduce their carbon footprint, hence they are opting to use recyclable and refillable packaging. With a direct focus on ecology, another company L’Oreal also aims to introduce recyclable paper bottles that will combat the existing pollution problem. These beauty brands that will implement sustainable packaging will surely upscale their value and eco-mindfulness in the future.

6. Collecting skin data virtually

With ongoing word-wide health-related problems, most cosmetic companies have gone viral. As they have currently been focusing on mainly online purchasing, in the upcoming years they’ll try to develop online applications based on AI and VR technology. Consumers will have the unique opportunity to get their skin diagnosed, supply cosmetics, collect skin feature data without leaving their houses.

Gone are the times when all that was required technology-based was making the product less irritable. 3D capture, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and many other cosmopolitan advancements will take over the future trends in the cosmetics industry.