Improve public relations by investing in your people

By Guest Author | DIY HR | November 25, 2019

Your employees are the heartbeat of any organization. Keeping them satisfied and rewarding them when they’ve exceeded expectations has a domino effect across the organization which can then have a direct impact on your profits and even customer relationships. Apart from ethical reasons, investing in your employees is a great business opportunity. People are attracted to businesses that treat their staff well and so putting your employees first can go a long way in improving your brand image.

Builds reputation

The rise of technology and social media has made the world vastly more interconnected. Organizations are now fully exposed to all activities they engage themselves in, good or bad. By investing in your workforce, you can build a solid reputation in the marketplace in which over time can help to attract the best talent available. To put it simply, who would want to work for a company that treats its employees as disposable assets?

People are attracted to businesses that support their growth as well as valuing their opinions. This is especially important considering that Millenials often leave their jobs due to a lack of learning and growth opportunities. Investing in special training programs or providing them with the necessary tools to make their job easier will add merit to your business.

Fosters better customer relationships

Having a workforce that is fully on board and engaged with their duties is going to help to establish better relationships with your customers. Employees are the front line of communication, so it only makes sense to ensure that their needs are catered for and that they feel valued for what they do. How they think and feel is a better representation of your company than your marketing efforts.

The ultimate goal here is to improve customer loyalty due to the number of benefits that it can offer to your business, including:

  • Increased revenue
  • Increased sales
  • Attract new customers
  • Enhances brand image

A happy workforce would be prepared to go the extra mile in providing excellent customer service. Equipping them with the right tools to do so will not only make their job easier but will also add merit to your company.

Improves staff retention

Having a high staff turnover is costly. It reduces staff morale, deteriorates product or service quality and it can be incredibly time-consuming to hire and train new employees. This is something that businesses try to avoid at all costs because all of these factors portray an undesirable business to work for. Simple techniques such as sending out regular employee satisfaction surveys will help to highlight any issues that are making staff unhappy. A content workforce has no reason to leave your company.

Increases productivity

Employees that are provided with staff-development programs are far more likely to be engaged and energized about their future within the business. Positive energy can spread like wild-fire resulting in improved team cohesion and chemistry. All of this translates to better processes, better efficiency, and a better product or service to offer to customers.

In conclusion, prioritizing staff development can be a powerful strategy in boosting brand prestige and credibility. People want to associate themselves with ethical brands that demonstrate that profit maximization isn’t always at the forefront of their goals. This can be an effective way of improving your public relations which could provide you with a competitive advantage.