How Your External Branding Tone Could Be the Key Strategy in Customer Growth and Retention

By Guest Author | BRANDING | February 24, 2021

Most brands think of customer growth and retention as another metric they should take care of. However, they often lose sight of their customers, which matter the most. While the aspects are closely connected with revenue increase, that isn’t what they are all about.


In particular, customer growth and retention are based on trustworthy relationships with the brand. For this reason, customers should be valued and prioritized instead of statistically analyzed and observed as percentages. External branding tone can help you expand the customer base, retain customers, and increase profits. Here is how.

Think About Your Steps

Before you decide to launch a brand strategy, you should think about all the steps you have to take to implement it successfully. In particular, you should ask yourself some crucial questions. For example — Where do I see your brand in 5 years, or Which business goals do I want to achieve with the brand? Then, you should come up with an elaborate plan containing a timetable and goals you would like to reach.

Thinking about your target audience and their current habits and needs is another step. They are the main reason why your brand exists in the first place. The insight you gain will help you position yourself in the right market the right way. Understanding where your brand is right now will help you move forward successfully.

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Collect Ideas

You may not realize it, but your employees are incredibly powerful when it comes to generating ideas and innovating. To build a brand, you can make use of their creative side.

To make use of their values and get their creative juices flowing, you should encourage them to communicate and brainstorm together. As a result, some of the most remarkable ideas get made. One of the best ways to boost communication between employees is by using an employee app.

The app allows you to assign and delegate tasks related to brand building, market analysis, customer surveys, and idea exchange. Therefore, the process of collecting ideas, building the brand, and attracting customers will become highly efficient.

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Start Building the Basis

Unlike previous steps, this one requires you to finally take action. By now, you have all your ideas straight, so you can start turning them into reality. You should start building the basis such as brand name, positioning, tone, touchpoints, etc. Since you have a detailed strategy and business goals, you can start by aligning them with the brand’s name. The name should reflect your brand’s mission and help you deliver the message. Then, you can set the tone for the brand and decide on a story to use as an announcement. Finally, check whether or not your touchpoints align with the strategy. At this point, you may have to make slight adjustments to help you tell the story effectively.

Get Creative

With the built foundation and developed strategy, you can now move on to the more creative stages. These steps will help you shape your content, reach the desired audience, and connect emotionally with customers. They will help you also with customer growth and retention. Also, you can start developing a visual concept for the brand. Generally, marketers develop two concepts and then decide on the one aligning the best with the brand strategy. When you agree on a specific visual concept, you should refer to your touchpoints and rearrange them for the best effect.  This will also help you adhere to the strict timeline and budget.

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Reach Out the Target Groups

At this stage, you are ready to start connecting with your target groups. Before reaching out, you should interact with your team members and employees first. If they aren’t your brand’s fans, then potential customers will have trouble giving it a try too. For this reason, take some time to educate everyone from top to bottom on the brand’s vision and mission. Not only do they like seeing how one brand develops from scratch but also participate in and contribute to the process. While you are letting the employees in on important brand aspects, you should also think about the audience and the market. Outlining a plan will help you share the story with the audience and take it to the market.

Measure and Review

You have made it to the final step. This stage requires you to constantly analyze the results and compare them to previously established measurable goals. By reviewing and measuring, you can determine whether or not the marketing strategy is bringing the desired results. If yes, then you will know you are on the right track towards accomplishing bigger business goals. If not, then you will know what specific aspects you should adjust and improve, to get back on track.

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In the end, brands wishing to succeed should focus on their customers and value them more instead of observing them through stats and percentages. Our tips on establishing an external branding tone can help you and other brands not only with customer growth and retention but also with profit increase. With so many benefits, why not give it a try and see what happens?

Morgan Rose Elliott graduated marketing from The University of Sydney. Hobbies include yoga, reading, home renovation. Rookie blogger who loves writing about business and lifestyle equally. She is happily married, stay at home mother of three.