How to Use Social Media to Get Clients for Your Law Firm

By Guest Author | legal Social media | April 2, 2021

If your law firm hasn’t established a social media presence yet, you may be missing out on some great opportunities. Fortunately, there’s no better time to start than now.

While some may believe being active on social media can cost them their reputation, that’s not the case. The use of social media among attorneys has only grown over the years. It allows you to connect with and educate your prospects like never before while establishing a reputation as a personable firm they can easily approach and look to for help. With it, you can let clients and prospects know that you’re thinking of their best interests.

Social media is too great an asset to be ignored. That’s why we’ve put together this article to guide you improve your social media marketing for your law firm.

Why Should Your Law Firm Embrace Social Media?

In this digital age, you need your law firm to keep up with the competition and their strategies to survive. If your competitors and prospects are online, the best thing to do is get involved as well.

  • It gets you, new clients. Social media allows you to be exposed to a large amount of audience globally.
  • It gives clients ways to find you. Social media can drive people to your website or pages where they find information that they need to learn more about what solutions you can provide and what advice you have to offer. This pushes them further along the sales funnel.
  • It engages you in the community. Social media allows your law firm to stay connected to other attorneys and even get the latest trends in your legal community.
  • It improves your SEO efforts. With a strong presence in social media, you can rank higher in search engines when people search for you. For instance, when a user searches for “slip and fall lawyers near me” (given that you have a strong social media presence), your website will rank on the first page of the user’s search results.

What Are the Different Social Media Platforms for My Law Firm?

According to an SEO Toronto professional, the following are the most functional and effective social media platforms for law firms.

  • LinkedIn – This is considered the most commonly used platform for legal professionals. 84% of lawyers are active on this platform 27% of lawyers considered LinkedIn as the most effective social media platform to attract prospects.
  • Facebook – This is the best channel to generate new clients. It has 2.7 billion active users every day which guarantees you an audience.
  • Twitter – This allows your firm to actively engage with your prospects by participating in a widespread of thoughts and discussions and drawing attention to your audience.

How to Use Social Media to Get Clients for Your Law Firm

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The following ways are designed to help you attract clients by developing a winning social media strategy.

1.         Learn the Basics

Start by choosing the right social media channel for your law firm before you invest time or money in it. Set measurable and realistic goals. Know the rules and responsibilities for lawyers and law firms on social media. Use the right language, the right tone, and be inclusive.

2.         Develop a Content Strategy

The key to attracting big prospects is to offer relevant and useful content. It should let your followers know that you have the knowledge and expertise. Do this by:

  • Sharing original graphics with useful statistics and facts – Visuals are most likely to stand out. Include the use of engaging visuals when developing a content strategy. Use visuals to simplify legal tips, processes, and information.
  • Create valuable videos – Videos make it easier for your audience to understand the nature of your law firm and allows you to feature your brand personality. You can create YouTube videos and regularly upload interesting stories, relevant topics, and tackle trending topics.

3.         Monitor Conversations

One of the main uses of social networking is brand listening. This is primarily used to monitor what people think and understand about your law firm. You can do this by searching for conversations on social media related to your law firm. You can monitor the conversation and understand users’ responses and sentiments while you can join in the conversation to increase connections and visibility.

4.         Measure Results

Social media has features where you can track, measure, and evaluate your social media efforts and results so you know which strategies to improve or remove.

5.         Schedule Posts

Get the right timing to post your content to get noticed by the right audience. Create a content calendar where you map out the content you want to post and when you will post them. This makes it easier to manage and deliver your content and even saves you time.

6.         Interact With Your Audience

Get social on social media. Whenever people ask questions or comments about a post, take it as an opportunity to build relationships with them. Even when there are negative comments or complaints, respond in a polite manner and invite them to get in conversations with you. Don’t be shy to like, share, and comment on other posts as well.

7.         Build a Top-Notch Profile

Now, before you start, don’t forget to build a polished social media profile for your law firm. Make sure it’s professional-looking to create the right impression.

Experts in lawyer internet marketing suggested that optimizing your profiles is one of the best ways for people to pay attention to you and build rapport.

Solid social media marketing is vital to build a good reputation and attract new clients. With this guide, you should be ready to get involved in social media and take a leap for your law firm.

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