How to Successfully Grow Your Business with Digital Signage

By Guest Author | June 23, 2021

When it comes to marketing your business, screens are more effective and reliable than static signage. This article will effectively help you learn more about digital signage and why it’s termed the game-changer in the marketing industry. Be it an animation, video, news article, or an image; you can rest assured the displays will attract potential consumers, increase your engagement rates, and generate more leads.


Where Can Your Business Use Digital Signage?

Today, many businesses use digital signage to hit the right target market. For starters, perhaps you’ve come across LED displays along main roads and in retail shops. Digital signage plays a role in the growth of businesses. The marketing strategy can help you earn additional revenue while offering valuetainment to your consumers.

With this technology, you can use the upselling approach by providing your clients with information about high-end products and introducing special offers to them. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar corporation or a larger retail store, you can use the technology as a help desk to help consumers find products quickly.

Use a Sign Outside Your Business 

What better way to advertise your business than right outside your doorstep? Use a digital sign to advertise what your business does and why people need it. It can also encourage people to come inside and meet with you, offering you a personalised way to promote your business! 

Technology makes your business stand out from the rest. A successful implementation helps emphasize the products and services you offer. Additionally, digital signage helps highlight the unique qualities displayed by your business, what makes your products and services different from the business next door.

What Can Your Sign advertise? 

Ready to get your digital signage up and running, but not sure what else it’s good for besides basic advertising? Here’s a few ideas: 

Display your social media: Do you use social media in conjunction with other promotions for your business? Use your new digital signage to share your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or even TikTok so people can follow along. 

Promote other locations: Do you have other locations across the country? Use your digital signage to share those locations and drive traffic there as well. 

Promote an opt-in: Your digital signage offers the opportunity to collect voluntary information about your client base whilst staying socially distant, which is important during the current pandemic. Your clients can enter their information in the sign or it can direct them to a site where they can enter the information in exchange for promotional material. Opt-ins may include: 

— Coupons
— Free offers for a set number of buys, like buy 3 coffees, get the 4th free 
— Guides or an ebook
— Free services 
— Exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else 

Cross-promotion with other local businesses: Probably you won’t want to use a business that can compete with yours, but work with other businesses to grow. Additionally, digital signage can help emphasise local relations. With this technology, you can grab the right target market attention and explain what makes you exceptional and outstanding. If you’re promoting other businesses, and they’re promoting yours, your digital signage won’t need to be right next to your building to be successful. Spread out and cross-promote so people who wouldn’t normally see your business are able to see your digital signs and discover your incredible business. 

How to Choose the Right Design and Presentation

When using digital signage, the presentation and design of your business information determine the engagement and interaction you will get from consumers. Is your technology designed to impede or aid consumers? What concepts should you include in your LED display?

Your display should catch your clients’ eye at first glance. A simple but appealing UI is essential. Include helpful, interesting content that promotes your brand, available products, and services offered. However, avoid overloading your visitors with tons of content and bright images.

A great digital signage display should answer the visitors’ questions. Provide your visitors with useful information on the latest offers and promotions. Lastly, include a call to action and offer incentives to facilitate interaction.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, digital signage can help elevate your business to the next level. The technology can help you build long-term relationships with potential clients and meet your goals. When designed properly, digital signage can help you convert leads into loyal customers and turn first-visitors into repeat consumers.